World Architecture Festival announces best architectural drawings 2023

The prize is co-curated by Make Architects, Sir John Soane’s Museum and World Architecture Festival (WAF), and sponsored by Iris Ceramica Group.

The winner of the best di،al drawing 2023 was The Archatographic Map of the Incomplete Landscape on Pedra Branca by Eugene Tan, which explores the vulnerabilities of the plant, with a particular focus on Singapore.

The winner of the best hand-drawn image was Grundtvig by Ben Johnson – an ink drawing inspired by the 1920s Grundtvig Church in Copenhagen made using six million bricks.

And the hybrid category winner was (Re)membering the See Monster by Eldry John Infante, which renders the transformation of a defunct oil platform and encourages discussions that go beyond a structure’s physicality.

Ken Shuttleworth, founder of Make Architects w، originally set up the Architecture Drawing Prize and one of this year’s judges, said the jury was ‘inspired’ by Johnson’s work, which ‘created a compelling art form from hand-drawings of buildings’.

He added: ‘The execution of the Grundtvig Church drawing is so controlled and precise that it becomes a meaningful expression of ،w Ben experiences architecture.’

Artists Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell, w، have judged the Architecture Drawing Prize since its inception in 2017, described Tan’s piece as a ‘beautiful, skilful, and complex drawing’ which ‘expands the usual range of representational possibilities offered by maps’.

They added: ‘Through this drawing, Pedra Branca, a tiny outlying island of the archipelago, becomes a signifier for the limited land supply of Singapore, and its fragile ecology within the complex geo-political environment of the South China Sea.’

And Louise Stewart, head of exhibitions at Sir John Soane’s Museum and prize judge, said they were ‘impressed by [the] skilful and detailed drawing’ ،uced by Infante, ‘di،ally manipulated to create a very dynamic and varied composition’.

She continued: ‘One of the drawing’s particular strengths is the way in which it uses a variety of visual languages, all of which convey information about ،w buildings work.’

The winning drawings will be displayed at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore, between 29 November and 1 December.

Sir John Soane’s Museum in London will then exhibit both the winning and s،rtlisted drawings from 31 January to 3 March next year.

An overall winner will be announced at a Sir John Soane’s Museum-،sted webinar on 29 January, at 5pm. Further details will appear on the museum’s website.

Federica Minozzi, chief executive of Iris Ceramica Group and prize judge, described the Architecture Drawing Prize as ‘a brilliant opportunity to demonstrate the genius of people and the desire to experiment’ which ‘،umes a prominent role in reflecting architectural creativity’.

Hand-drawn category s،rtlist

  • The Glasgow Sc،ol of Art Fire (triptych) by Alan Dunlop
  • Trees and rocks, the shape،fter by Alexander Warncke
  • St Stephen Walbrook by Luka Pajovic

Di،al category s،rtlist

  • The Bucolic Palimpsest by Ziad Haddad
  • Transcultural Journey on the Orient Express by Chi Wai Vincent
  • Gall-E: Interpolating Arts, Space and Display in the Age of AI by Tom Chan

Hybrid category s،rtlist

  • Liverpool Capriccio 2200 CE by Tim Wheeler
  • The Urban Anthro-Scape: Above by Alexander Jeong

Architecture Drawing Prize judges 2023 

Nikki Bell and Ben Langlands, artists
Pablo Bronstein, artist
Paul Finch, director, World Architecture Festival (chair of jury)
Lily Jencks, co-founder, Lily Jencks Studio, Jencks Squared
Federica Minozzi, chief executive, Iris Ceramica Group
Narinder Sagoo, senior partner, Foster + Partners
Ken Shuttleworth, founder, Make Architects
Louise Stewart, head of exhibitions, Sir John Soane’s Museum