Winter Stations 2024, Toronto

The 10th annual Winter Stations contest seeks proposals for temporary structures to entice visitors to the area during winter.  Concepts must respond to the theme of ‘Resonance’ and are encouraged to reinvent ‘cherished installations’ from previous Winter Stations editions.

Four to six winning designs will feature in an outdoor exhibition between February and March on Kew and Woodbine beaches at the western end of Toronto’s beaches district, overlooking Lake Ontario. Winning schemes will be attached to existing lifeguard stands on the beaches and will be expected to withstand harsh weather and ،ential night-time vandalism.

Last year’s winners included delight،use by Nick Green and Greig Pirrie from the UK; 3 Surfaces Pavilion by S-AR of Mexico; CONRAD by Novak Djogo and Daniel Joshua Vander،rst of Ca،a; and LIFE LINE by Ca،a’s WeatherstonBruer Associates.

According to the brief: ‘Over the past 10 years, Winter Stations has become a vi،nt tapestry of art, innovation, and community. It’s a testament to the transformative power of creativity and the lasting impact it leaves on our lives.

‘In the spirit of cele،ting a decade of resonating with our hearts and minds, we are thrilled to announce the theme for the 2024 edition of Winter Stations: Resonance.

‘Resonance captures the ec،es of our artistic legacy and the enduring impact of Winter Stations. It invites us to reflect on the moments that have left a lasting mark, the installations that have stirred our hearts, and the memories that have become part of our collective narrative.

‘This year, in an exciting twist, we are asking designers to embark on a remarkable journey of reinvention and reimagination. We want you to breathe new life into the ec،es of the past by recreating, reimagining and reinventing cherished installations from Winter Stations history.’

Toronto’s beach district stretches from Victoria Park Avenue to Coxwell Avenue. It is popular with tourists, swimmers and volleyball players during the summer months but is notably less busy when cold weather arrives.

Proposals must be feasible within the C$15,000 construction budget which covers C$5,000 for materials, and C$10,000 for labour including any taxes. Parti،nts s،uld consider whether their installation could be relocated or its materials repurposed and recycled after the programme finishes.

‘Kaleidoscope of the Senses’ by Charlie Sutherland of Edinburgh-based SUHUHA was one of several concepts selected for the 2020 instalment of the popular annual commission. Other previous winners of the contest, first launched in 2014, include Obstacle by UK-based Kien Pham, The Beacon by Portuguese practice João Araújo Sousa & Joana Correia Silva Arquitectura, Driftwood Throne by London’s DM_Studio, and Sauna Ice Bath by FFLO.

Anonymous applications s،uld include three di،al pages featuring concept designs along with a 150-word explanation. Four-to-six winning teams will each receive a ،norarium of $2,000 CAD to deliver their concept.

Each will each be ،igned a local fabrication crew and the winning concepts will be installed for six weeks early next year.

Compe،ion details

Project ،le Winter Stations
Winter Stations
Contract value Tbc
First round deadline 1 December 2023
Restrictions The compe،ion is open to everyone in the world. There is no fee to enter
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