Understated elegance meets enchanting glass art | Architecture | Architonic

The focus of the top Light + Building theme, ‘Work + Living’ is on the modular use of rooms and ،es both indoors and outdoors. Associated with this are changing demands on lighting: it s،uld be adaptable and usable individually, as well as integrate several different functions and combine high-grade design with innovative technology. ‘Work + Living’ s،lights lighting in all its multifarious facets and fields, including design and special situations. As an aspect of interior design, sources of light are either a harmonious part of the overall concept or draw attention to themselves as design objects. Designers experiment with new materials and technologies, cooperate with gl، ،ers and take advantage of sustainable manufacturing processes and resources. Trends influence the design process. On behalf of Light + Building, the design experts of style agency bora.herke.palmisano have looked at which themes are most likely to impact on the 2024-25 season. A <a href="

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