The refreshing minimalism in the sculptural Re-Form tables by Wewood

Having known each other for many years and equally fond of each other’s work, Gilles and Wewood’s creative director, Joana Marcelino, set up a collaboration on a Wewood project. The designer was intrigued by the Portuguese ،nd’s mastery in woodworking, which inspired him to propose a design that challenges the material’s limits and explores its creative possibilities. ‘From a purely formal point, this project is probably the first recent one where I play with such sharp edges and flat angular surfaces, even t،ugh the pieces feel very friendly and round,’ explains Gilles. ‘I imagine you could say that this project looks simple, but as is very often the case, what appears simple is not always the easiest to ،uce! Because the design is, in a way, very minimal, any imperfection would stand out. We are working with non-standard wood thicknesses in this project.’