Steelcase: Human-centred seating design

Closely mi،ing the natural movement of the spine, LiveBack is used in all Steelcase high-performance task chair designs, from Think to Steelcase Series™ 1, Gesture to Steelcase Karman. It responds specifically to research carried out during the development of Please that revealed ،w the spine does not move as a single unit, with the lower part ar،g forward when the top leans back, alongside the discovery that every person has a ‘spine print’, as unique as a fingerprint, that governs ،w we move. It became clear that the upper and lower parts of the back require different kinds of support. Teamed with dynamic arm design, LiveBack keeps you connected with ease to your chair, to the people around you, and to your workstation and technology, and it does this, often intuitively, whatever size or shape you are.