staying flexible with Freifrau’s Mia modular sofa

In 2019, after stopovers at Mykilos and kaschkasch, he founded his own studio, and just one year later, was awarded first place in the Pure Talents Contest – by a jury that included the aforementioned Herkner. Of his approach to design, Huber says that on the one hand, he wants to find solutions to challenges that he notices from his own life, while on the other, they are meant to respond to generally changing living conditions. ‘In today’s world, we see that living ،es are getting smaller, we have to find ways to deal differently with the possibilities,’ said the designer in the course of an interview about his Baschnja lamp. So it’s no surprise that his Mia sofa for Freifrau also offers ،mum flexibility – with Huber having designed not just one piece of seating furniture, but eleven elements that can be used individually or placed in a row.