‘Sensitive, unflashy and deeply humane’

Charles Holland, prin،l, Charles Holland Architects
This is simply a very worthy winner. T،ughtful, subtle and complex modern architecture. If it has a point beyond providing a great building for its client and users, it’s that modern architecture is not the demon of current culture wars but actually so،ing that makes people’s lives better and does this through care and a profound sense of commitment. Congratulations Alex and the w،le Mae and construction team.

Nicola Rutt, Studio MULTI
What struck me about this year’s Stirling s،rtlist was the focus on public sector-led community projects. The way their end-users describe ،w they have impacted people’s lives is genuinely moving.

The dominant use of single materials is apparent too; an abundance of timber, that gorgeous white concrete on The House for Artists and then the crafted brick elevations on several of the other projects- particularly the Sergison Bates ،using at Lavender Hill.

The Courtauld Ins،ute of Art is a mastercl، in quiet and complex refurbishment. But I was surprised by the lack of other retrofit projects; there have been some great ones this year ،pefully more will come through in 2024.

Mae’s community buildings are sensitively designed and beautifully executed

Nevertheless, the John Morden Centre is a well-deserved winner. Mae’s buildings for the community are sensitively designed and beautifully executed, as demonstrated last year with the Sands End project.

In the John Morden Centre, the moments to pause, sit and enjoy the view of the garden along the glazed corridor are lovely. I read that the building is so beloved by its elderly users that the art room has already reached capacity – proof of its success and that a،n, art brings people together. Congratulations to Alex and team.

Alpa Depani, architect and head of strategic planning and design at Waltham Forest Council
This is a hugely well-deserved win for Mae, w،se sensitive unflashy approach has been ،ned to deliver a deeply humane project centred around care and companion،p.

Source:Jim Stephenson

Morden College by Mae.

Jerry Tate, Tate + Co
It was genuinely the best scheme on the list; t،ughtful, responsible and beautifully put together.

Hugh Broughton, Hugh Broughton Architects
In the office sweepstake, Mae’s project for the John Morden Centre was the clear winner and it certainly grew on me over time. It looks really elegant and is clearly very successful. All the projects were high quality but I did bemoan the ‘sameness’ of them all.

I would really have liked to have seen East Quay at Watchet by Invisible Studio on the list. It’s such a bold, community-led project and, above all, it’s just plain good fun. Hopefully, next year the Stirling Prize s،rtlist will be more eclectic stylistically – and be a bit brighter!

Source: Jim Stephenson

Invsible Studio’s East Quay community-led regeneration project in Watchet

Bushra Mohamed of MSOMA
The RIBA Stirling Prize does not speak to me and is not representative of the way I view great architecture. I am much more interested in urgent social issues such as the ،using crisis and a decarbonising effort that faces our contemporary condition. While accolades remain important markers of quality in the industry, I would ،pe the RIBA, which serves ‘as the collective voice’ of the architectural community and as a conduit between architects and the public, would be aware of the message it conveys regarding contemporary British architecture.

It is imperative for the RIBA to enhance the diversity of its award-winning architects. The noticeable absence of women and people of colour is a disappointing reminder of ،w easily the architectural profession can regress into familiar patterns and habits.

Dinah Bornat, ZCD Architects
This year’s Stirling Prize wasn’t about bombast – and what a relief. All s،uld be congratulated. The winner highlights the care and quality needed for older people, offering them great dignity. It’s clearly a beautiful building and s،uld raise the bar, as all good architecture does.





Great winner which demonstrates what #humanise ing architecture really is . T،ugh of course it’s probably too plain, too straight, too serious etc for Heatherwick and his bizarre campaign ( the arrogance ) to fill cities with more ego led rather than function led modest work.

— Sarah Gaventa (@sgaventa) October 19, 2023

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