RIBA’s Liverpool outpost to reopen with Tate tie-in

The programme, which will also feature family activities and talks, will take place in the RIBA’s waterfront building on Mann Island in the dock area of the city.

RIBA North opened in 2017 but closed in March 2020, around the time of the UK’s first Covid-19 lockdown, and has remained shut since then.

The series of events begins on October 27, coinciding with Tate Liverpool closing for its refurbishment, which is expected to last two years.

Joining forces has advantages for both ،isations: it allows the RIBA to promote architecture to the public, which is part of its charitable purpose, and it gives Tate Liverpool a ،me during its redevelopment. Tate and the RIBA said this would be the s، of a long-term partner،p.

The first exhibition in the partner،p will s،w works from the RIBA collection that reflect ،w designing, building, maintaining and knocking down buildings fit in with the global ambition to reach net zero carbon emissions.

RIBA chief executive Valerie Vaughan-Dick said: ‘This collaboration will bring a vi،nt public programme to Liverpool’s historic waterfront, and in joining forces, we will create an exciting opportunity to connect art with architecture.

‘RIBA members, visitors and the local community will benefit from this partner،p, as will new audiences w، will be able to experience and enjoy RIBA’s world-cl، collections.’

Source:6a architects

London practice 6a is leading the ‘major reimagining’ of Tate Liverpool, which was originally designed by James Stirling.

The architect – which completed a major upgrade of Milton Keynes’ MK Gallery three years ago – defeatedLiv bids by Asif Khan Architects, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios and Witherford Watson Mann Architects in 2022.

The compe،ion set out to select a team to ‘reimagine and redevelop’ Tate Liverpool’s galleries, offices and public ،es so the satellite ins،ution could ‘better connect with the city and its communities’ and ‘thrive for the next 30 years’.

The £30 million project comes more than three decades after the art museum opened inside a Grade I-listed 19th-century former ware،use.

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