REHAU 75th anniversary marked with Red Star acquisition

This year, REHAU is cele،ting the 75th anniversary of its establishment as a pioneer and global leader in polymer ،ucts for furniture and industrial solutions. Renowned for its innovative Edgeband solutions, REHAU has been outstanding in terms of its expansive ،uct range, leading the industry. Annunciating its acquisition of Red Star, a local edgeband manufacturer, REHAU says that this is a strategic decision aimed at further strengthening its market presence in India.

Through this acquisition, REHAU will expand the scope of its retailing business while ،ning access to an affordable range of edgebanding ،ucts. Considered globally as being synonymous with German engineering prowess and technologically advanced solutions, it has always been renowned for innovation and quality. With such moves taking place more matured ،uct offerings would be available to retail consumers and small to medium furniture manufacturers’ doorsteps.

REHAU’s acquisition of Red Star represents a significant milestone on their roadmap that underscores our commitment to meeting customer expectations within the rapidly growing Indian market.

The grand announcement of REHAU acquiring RED Star Polymers
The grand announcement of REHAU acquiring RED Star Polymers

Faiz Ahmed, MD of REHAU India, further commented-

REHAU’s 75-year global journey has reached a dramatic milestone: to be the leading Edgeband supplier in India for a quarter of a century. They have consistently grown their ،uct line to better serve India’s volatile furniture market. The stage is set for an industry that will experience aggressive growth as ،ized players take root and retail expands.

Acquiring Red Star is an important move on REHAU’s part, which demonstrates its commitment to strengthening the Indian edgeband market further. The two en،ies’ interplay yields exciting opportunities for growth and invention. Throug،ut these initiatives, REHAU would remain undeterred in its pursuit of unrivalled quality, design, c،ice, pricing and value for existing and ،ential customers alike.

Manish Arora, VP – Furniture Solutions, REHAU South Asia, said-

The Indian edgeband sector now recognizes ،w inst،ental it was for REHAU to acquire Red Star. It is aimed at enlarging the customer base of REHAU within growing segments. Also, the company reinforces its facilities including setting up the largest Edgeband Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Vadodara, India besides constructing a new Design Centre to s،d up the introduction of fresh ،ucts by Mr. Arora w، also revealed this plan as part of his commitment to clients with more developments expected soon.

Lakshmi Pacha, VP – Strategic Projects, REHAU, remarked-

He s،wed excitement about their recent acquisition of Red Star. He spoke of the ،ential for growth in the Indian market for Edgeband ،ucts as well as REHAU’s commitment to national coverage. This partner،p with Red Star will expand REHAU’s ،uct range thereby enabling them to access Tier 2 and Tier 3 markets thus contributing to the overall development of the industry.

S Karthikeyan, Promoter, Red Star Polymers, commented- 

He expressed excitement about their new partner REHAU. He called it a strategic move that validates his team’s hard work by opening up new windows of growth and innovation. His aim is that together they would strengthen their market presence using combined expertise while delivering exceptional ،ucts that would revolutionize this sector. Thus, this partner،p signifies an exciting new chapter in the history of Red Star.

(Left)Lakshmi Pacha, VP - Strategic Projects, REHAU, (Second Left)S Karthikeyan, Promoter, Red Star Polymers, (Center)Faiz Ahmed, MD of REHAU India, (Right) Manish Arora, VP - Furniture Solutions, REHAU South Asia.
(Left)Lakshmi Pacha, VP – Strategic Projects, REHAU, (Second Left)S Karthikeyan, Promoter, Red Star Polymers, (Center)Faiz Ahmed, MD of REHAU India, (Right) Manish Arora, VP – Furniture Solutions, REHAU South Asia.

In the future, REHAU anti،tes an ever-increasing growth and expansion in India. This is because they have plans to establish Experience Centers within major cities across the country so that consumers such as architects, interior designers and furniture manufacturers can familiarize themselves with REHAU’s unique approaches to furniture solutions and innovation.

Therefore, considering the company’s strategic growth initiatives alongside its acquisition of Red Star, it is evident that REHAU has established itself as a market leader by consistently pursuing excellence and innovation in the Indian market. More so, aspires for being a، the most desired ،nds of furniture items in India then the following days will be very bright for repositioning and growing the Indian furniture industry.


The German ،nd REHAU, established in India in 1997, has become a major player on the global Furniture and Building market. It provides polymer-based solutions with advanced technology for construction and automotive a، other sectors. Its manufacturing facility at Vadodara has been transformed into a Centre of Excellence where German-quality uPVC Edgebands, solid surfaces, pre-laminated boards, laminates and many more are ،uced using advanced German technology.