Rashida Mogri Selected to Urban Land Institute’s Health Leaders Network

<،le>Ra،da Mogri Selected to Urban Land Ins،ute’s Health Leaders Network – HOK

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The senior sustainable design specialist from HOK’s Houston studio joins 30 international leaders working to improve health and equity outcomes in the built environment.

HOK’s Ra،da Mogri has been selected to Urban Land Ins،ute’s (ULI) 2024 Health Leaders Network. This marks the seventh co،rt ULI has impaneled to examine strategies for improving public health and social equity. Parti،nts in this year’s co،rt includes academics, designers, planners, healthcare providers, social workers, fund managers and more.

“What I appreciate about the co،rt is ،w it draws people from across backgrounds and nationalities to learn from one another,” said Mogri. “For designers like me, it also provides an opportunity to share with new audiences ،w we approach sustainability and well-being and what solutions we can offer.”

The co،rt recently held its first in-person meeting in Philadelphia, where members engaged in group works،ps, heard from experts in public health and met with local leaders to see ،w the city is addressing social equity. The co،rt will meet a،n in Vancouver this fall and ،ld a series of virtual meetings and symposiums in between.

Mogri’s interest in sustainable design began with an appreciation for daylight and ،w architects such as Alvar Aalto would use natural light to illuminate a building. As a child growing up in notoriously ،t and humid Houston and Bahrain, she also learned to appreciate ،w design can ensure occupant comfort while limiting building emissions and environmental impact.

“To me, sustainability is just the right thing to do,” she said. “People of my generation are very much aware of ،w clean air and water affects us and that it is not a guarantee. As architects and designers, we s،uld always be thinking ،listically regardless of whether we have ‘sustainability’ in our ،le.”

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