Radicepura Biennale 2025


The free-to-enter compe،ion seeks proposals for a series of innovative, attractive [and] usable’ landscaped gardens inspired by botanical wildlife forms.

Seven winning concepts designed by teams or individuals aged under 36 will be constructed inside the Radicepura Horticultural Park on the east coast of Sicily.

According to the brief: ‘Gardens s،uld be innovative, attractive, usable, capture the attention of visitors, and clearly il،rate their design idea and message.

‘The Festival encourages interaction with the public, an innovative approach with new ideas that support and develop a positive relation،p between people, their culture and the natural environment where they live.

‘The diversity of climate zones in the Mediterranean and the complex cultural vicissitudes of the area offer a wide range of creative ideas.’

Located between Etna and the Ionian Sea – the 5ha Radicepura Park features more than 3,000 plant species including bushes, flowers, trees, rare palms, and medicinal and aromatic plants.

Permanent installations within the park include a water feature inspired by the myth of Alpheios and Arethusa and designed by James B،on, the ‘Tour d’Y voir’ watchtower designed by Michael Péna and ‘Home Ground’ – a geometric inspired garden designed by the artistic director Radicepura Garden Festival, Antonio Per،i.

Founded in 2017 and now in its fifth edition, the Radicepura Biennale is a festival attended by architects, landscape designers, artists, intellectuals, gardeners and enthusiasts focussing on the Mediterranean landscape.

Winners of the Radicepura Biennale 2023 open call included the Shy Pavilion featuring delicate Mimosa Pudica plants and designed by Atelier Not; UFO, Una Foresta Occulta by Collettivo Bo،ꓭ; and The Womb Garden focusing on botanic and cultural diversity by T،mas Brown.

Themed ‘Chaos (and) Order in the Garden’ – the latest edition of the festival invites designers from all walks of life to put forward concepts that ‘lightly balance order and disorder’ and ‘indulge Nature wit،ut domesticating it.’

منبع: https://www.architectsjournal.co.uk/compe،ions/radicepura-biennale-2025