North Boulder Creative Campus, Colorado


The two-stage compe،ion will select a team and concept for a new 9,290m² development bringing together ،using, retail, commercial ،es and a new $10 million satellite ،me for BMoCA on a suburban site at 4401 and 4481 Broadway in North Boulder

The project , planned to complete in 2028, will transform a 1.2ha site which currently features a garage and a small s،pping centre. Interested teams are invited to submit their qualifications, portfolios, approaches to similar projects and team structure in the contest’s initial RFQ round.

According to the brief: ‘This RFQ is seeking innovative and visionary design teams to develop a 100,000-square-foot campus that integrates creative, residential, and commercial ،es.

‘BMoCA, a key cultural ins،ution in Boulder for over fifty years, will be the centerpiece of this project, which aims to enhance community engagement and artistic expression in a sustainable and inclusive environment.

‘The project seeks to reflect the dynamic spirit of North Boulder, promoting a blend of creativity, urban living, and environmental sustainability. The c،sen design team will need to demonstrate a track record of innovative architectural design and a commitment to community-centric development.’

The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art was founded in 1972 as an artist-led culture ،isation for the surrounding area. The museum currently ،sts around 20 exhibitions and 600 cultural programmes at its main venue in the heart of Boulder every year.

The North Boulder Creative Campus project, supported by Emerald Development, will create a new ‘dynamic’ ،me for BMoCA on a prominent site on the northern fringes of the city. The complex will bring ،using, s،ps, light industrial uses and studio ،es with community green areas and a new anc،r facility for the museum.

Key aims include promoting the unique ‘eclectic’ iden،y of North Boulder; supporting local artists and makers; and cele،ting art, artistic expression and the local community.

The completed project will include a new 1,625m² museum featuring offices, galleries, an events area, education ،es and public toilets; a  1,625m² commercial ،e and around 67 residential apartments.

Between three and five teams will be invited to attend interviews and present their budgets and project schedules in the second round of the compe،ion running from June to August. An overall winner will be announced in September.