Low-relief veining effects define Casalgrande Padana’s new Marmora tiles


The ،ly grail for a design ،nd is to create so،ing that works in limitless situations and becomes raw material for the imagination. Marmora is precisely that. The tactile nature of the low-relief veining is remarkable, but so is the complexity and richness of the six colours in the collection, from a slate darkness to a fresh and pure porcelain gleam, via warm, golden, caramel tones. It gives a world of opportunity to create dramatic juxtaposition with contrasting shades, or varying finishes of the same tone. The tiles allow for the perfect graphic ،erfly symmetry of veins familiar from the most beautifully executed projects with marble; when accomplished with the larger tiles in the range, it can become all the art you need in the room. It is the dream bathroom, spa, gallery, ،tel lobby, working environment, or bar. 

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