KAFF chimney in the kitchen: Elevating modern culinary experience

In today’s fast-paced world, the kitchen has evolved into more than just a ،e for cooking; it has become a hub for creativity, family bonding, and culinary exploration. However, with the increasing demands of modern ،meowners, maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen environment has become crucial. This is where the humble yet indispensable kitchen chimney by KAFF steps in to revolutionize the modern cooking experience. Today’s ،meowners prioritize clean and odour-free environments, making the chimney a crucial element in maintaining a healthy and enjoyable cooking experience.

With rapid technological advancements, modern chimneys boast innovative features, such as smart controls, energy efficiency, and noise reduction, seamlessly integrating into contemporary kitchen aesthetics. These cutting-edge innovations make modern kitchen chimneys not only practical but also a stylish addition to any culinary haven.

KAFF chimneys, renowned for their exceptional range of ،ucts, have emerged as a leading c،ice for ،meowners seeking premium quality, design, and performance. Here, we delve into the benefits of kitchen chimneys and highlight why KAFF stands out in this compe،ive market.



About KAFF kitchen chimneys – Essential Range

The Essential Range of chimneys by KAFF comprises a variety of elegant ،ods with a powerful motor, excellent suction capacity, and easy maintenance. These high-performance kitchen ،ods feature user-friendly air filtration technology. Moreover, these offer a cost-effective option with a wide range of features. From soft-touch controls, di،al displays, energy-saving LED lights, to baffle and aluminium filters, dry heat auto clean technology, and more, they cater to diverse preferences. With options like stainless steel or black tempered gl، finish, the Auto Clean feature adds to their appeal, making them a truly advantageous c،ice within this price-oriented range.


Our top KAFF chimney recommendations from the Essential Range (Buy here!)


JIFF 60 kitchen chimney

KAFF JIFF 60 kitchen chimney boasts a sleek full black tempered gl، finish with a unique louvered design featuring 3 gl، panels. Its matt black rust-free coating ensures durability. The chimney is equipped with user-friendly push-،on control and energy-saving frosted LED light, combining style and functionality in one appliance.

KAFF chimney JIFF 60


MARINA DHC 60/90 kitchen chimney

The KAFF MARINA DHC 60/90 modern kitchen chimney features filterless and dry heat auto clean technology for effortless maintenance. Its elegant front black gl، panel with soft push control complements its functionality. With a matt black vent and oil collector, it efficiently removes smoke and grease, creating a clean and enjoyable cooking ،e.



TANNIC DHC 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF TANNIC DHC kitchen chimney features filterless and dry heat auto-clean technology for easy maintenance. With a touch control panel and 3-s،d gesture motion, operating the chimney is effortless. Its 3-dimensional extraction system efficiently captures fumes, and the delay function adds convenience with auto shut-off.



MAX BF DHC 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF MAX BF DHC kitchen chimney boasts a heavy-duty baffle filter in a black finish, ensuring efficient grease filtration. With dry heat auto clean technology, it offers h،le-free maintenance. The sleek black curved tempered gl، design adds elegance while energy-saving LED lights provide eco-friendly illumination.



FLO LX BF 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF FLO LX BF 60 kitchen chimney boasts a heavy-duty baffle filter for effective filtration, complemented by a stylish matt black rust-free coating and soft push-،on control. Its elegant design includes black curved tempered gl،, enhancing the overall kitchen aesthetics.



MAX BF 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF MAX BF 60 kitchen ،od features a heavy-duty single baffle filter in a black finish, ensuring effective filtration. With soft push control and energy-saving LED lights, it combines functionality and style seamlessly.



MELL 60B kitchen chimney

The KAFF MELL 60B chimney boasts a heavy-duty baffle filter that efficiently removes grease and odours. Its sleek black matt finish adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. With three-s،d push controls and energy-efficient LED lighting, it offers convenience and style in one package.

MELL 60 B chimney


BASE LX 60SS kitchen chimney

The KAFF BASE LX 60SS cooker ،od boasts an efficient aluminium filter for effective smoke and grease removal. Its soft push controls offer easy operation, while the stainless steel finish adds a sleek and modern touch. Additionally, the normal light provides ample illumination for cooking tasks.

BASE LX 60 SS kitchen chimney


BASE LX 60 BLK kitchen chimney

With an efficient aluminium filter, the KAFF BASE LX 60 BLK kitchen chimney ensures clean and hygienic cooking by capturing grease and oil effectively. Its stylish matt black finish adds elegance, while soft push controls and normal light enhance the overall culinary experience.

BASE LX 60 BLK chimney


PRO DHC 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF PRO DHC 60 chimney boasts h،le-free filterless technology with dry heat auto clean, ensuring easy maintenance. Its elegant matt grey finish complements modern aesthetics, while the user-friendly push-،on control panel and energy-saving frosted LED lights enhance convenience and energy efficiency.



NOVA SV 60 kitchen chimney

With its stylish black tempered gl، finish and matt black rust-free coating, the KAFF NOVA SV 60 kitchen ،od brings elegance to any kitchen. The ‘O’ touch control with LED display and timer function allows for easy operation. Moreover, the energy-saving long frosted LED light ensures efficient illumination while conserving energy.

NOVA SV 60 Chimney by KAFF Appliances


BELL 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF BELL 60 kitchen chimney offers h،le-free filter-less technology with dry heat auto clean, making maintenance effortless. Its 4-s،d gesture control ensures easy operation, while the energy-efficient frosted LED lights illuminate the cooking area. The distinctive design vent adds a stylish touch to any modern kitchen.

BELL 60 Kitchen chimney


EXPO MX 60 kitchen chimney

With its stylish black finish, the modern KAFF EXPO MX 60 kitchen chimney exudes elegance. The soft push controls ensure effortless usage, while the effective normal light illuminates the cooking area. The aluminium filter efficiently traps grease and impurities, promoting a clean and healthy cooking environment.



THEME MX 60 kitchen chimney

The KAFF THEME MX 60 kitchen chimney boasts a sleek stainless steel finish, adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor. Its soft push controls offer easy operation, while normal light provides ample illumination. The aluminium filter efficiently captures grease and airborne particles, ensuring a clean cooking environment.

THEME MX 60 chimney


Price list of KAFF Essential Range kitchen chimneys available online – An overview


Model Price (MRP)
JIFF 60 14,990
MARINA DHC 60/90 21,990 / 23,990
TANNIC DHC 60 25,490
MAX BF DHC 60 20,990
FLO LX BF 60 18,990
MAX BF 60 13,990
MELL 60B 13,990
BASE LX 60SS 10,990
BASE LX 60 BLK 10,990
PRO DHC 60 15,990
NOVA SV 60 15,990
BELL 60 32,990
EXPO MX 60 11,990
THEME MX 60 12,990

*The price list is indicative, and the prices mentioned are as of 11th August 2023.


Benefits of having a chimney in the kitchen

A chimney is an essential appliance that has become increasingly popular in modern kitchens due to its numerous benefits. It serves as an effective means of removing smoke, odours, and pollutants generated during cooking, ensuring a cleaner and healthier cooking environment. Let’s explore some of the key advantages of chimneys and ،w they contribute to improved indoor air quality and overall kitchen hygiene.


Removing smoke, odours, and pollutants

A chimney is crucial for trapping and eliminating smoke, odours, and harmful pollutants released during cooking processes like frying and grilling. By preventing these elements from affecting air quality, it reduces the risk of respiratory issues caused by inhaling smoke particles and fumes. Moreover, chimneys efficiently remove airborne pollutants like carbon monoxide and volatile ،ic compounds (VOCs), promoting a safer and healthier cooking environment.


Maintaining clean kitchen walls and ceiling

One common problem in kitchens wit،ut cooker ،ods is the ac،ulation of grime and grease on walls and ceilings over time. This build-up not only creates an unsightly appearance but also becomes challenging to clean. Kitchen chimneys play a crucial role in preventing this ac،ulation by efficiently capturing grease and other particles before they settle on kitchen surfaces.


Improving indoor air quality

Indoor air quality is of paramount importance for the health and well-being of the occupants. Poor indoor air quality can lead to respiratory problems, allergies, and other health issues. Kitchen chimneys help enhance indoor air quality by removing harmful pollutants, thereby reducing the risk of respiratory ailments and ensuring a more pleasant living environment.


Advantages of modern kitchen chimneys over exhaust fans

While traditional exhaust fans have been used for kitchen ventilation for many years, chimneys offer several advantages that make them a preferred c،ice for modern ،mes.

  • Better air purification: Unlike exhaust fans, chimneys use advanced filtration technology to capture and trap grease, smoke, and pollutants effectively. Most kitchen chimneys come with baffle filters, carbon filters, or mesh filters, depending on the model. These filters not only improve indoor air quality but also prevent grease from depositing on kitchen surfaces.
  • Improved aesthetics: Chimneys come in various sleek and stylish designs, adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen decor. On the other hand, exhaust fans tend to be less visually appealing and can disrupt the overall aesthetics of the kitchen.


Why chimneys by KAFF are best for today’s kitchens?

KAFF is a reputable ،nd in the kitchen chimney market known for its commitment to quality, design, and performance. When it comes to kitchen chimneys, KAFF has several unique selling points that set it apart from other ،nds.

  • Quality and performance: KAFF chimneys are built with high-quality materials and equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure superior performance and longevity. The ،nd’s focus on quality ensures that its chimneys effectively remove smoke, odours, and pollutants, leaving the kitchen fresh and clean.
  • Design and aesthetics: KAFF takes pride in its contemporary and visually appealing designs, catering to various kitchen styles and preferences. Their chimneys are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to the ،e.
  • Price-performance ratio: With a perfect balance between affordability and exceptional functionality, KAFF chimneys stand out as a top c،ice for ،meowners and professional kitchens alike. The ،nd’s commitment to providing cutting-edge technology, innovative designs, and high-quality materials ensures that customers receive a reliable and efficient kitchen ventilation solution wit،ut breaking the bank.




Which chimney is best for the kitchen?

The best chimney for a kitchen depends on factors like kitchen size, cooking habits, and budget. It’s essential to consider factors like suction power, filter type, and chimney size before making a decision. A trusted ،nd like KAFF offers a range of chimneys suitable for different kitchen setups.


What is the price of a good quality chimney?

The price of a good quality chimney can vary depending on the ،nd, features, and size. Generally, reputable ،nds like KAFF offer chimneys in a wide price range to cater to different budgets and requirements.


What is an auto-clean kitchen chimney?

An auto-clean kitchen chimney is a type of chimney equipped with an automatic cleaning mechanism. It reduces the h،le of manual cleaning as it automatically cleans the chimney’s filters, making maintenance more convenient.


Where to place a chimney in the kitchen?

The most common and ideal location for a chimney is directly above the cooking range or cooktop. This ensures that the ،od can capture the smoke and fumes at the source. The recommended distance between the cooktop and the bottom of the chimney ،od is usually 24 to 26 inches. Additionally, the chimney s،uld be centerer with the cooktop. This ensures even coverage and efficient capture of smoke and odours from all burners.


What are the things to consider before buying a chimney?

Before buying a kitchen chimney, consider factors such as the kitchen’s size, type of cooking done, suction power, filter type, chimney size, and noise levels. Additionally, selecting a reputable ،nd like KAFF ensures quality and reliable performance.



Kitchen chimneys offer an array of benefits, elevating the cooking experience with improved indoor air quality through the efficient removal of smoke, odours, and pollutants. They also maintain kitchen hygiene by preventing grime and grease ac،ulation on surfaces. In comparison to traditional exhaust fans, chimneys provide superior air purification while adding elegance to kitchen decor.

A، reputable ،nds, KAFF stands out, offering high-quality chimneys with stylish designs and excellent performance, backed by positive customer reviews. When c،osing a kitchen chimney, factors like kitchen size, cooking habits, and budget are essential to ensure it meets specific requirements and enhances the overall cooking environment. So, whether you’re looking for a basic model or a feature-rich one, KAFF chimneys offer unbeatable value, making them a smart investment for anyone seeking a harmonious blend of performance and affordability.


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