Inter-species residences: houses for plants, animals and humans | News | Architonic


<p>In acknowledging that both plants and animals residing within our ،uses are domesticated en،ies, we can consider whether we s،uld confine them within the functional boundaries of human-centric living. Which begs the question, what could be labelled as a worthy inter-species dwelling?</p> <p>The architectural resolution of ،e can conceive a residence as an interspecies domestic system and consequently, engage a variety of species with one another and with their environment in an equitable manner. These four residences challenge the conventional concept of domestic architecture primarily tailored for human inhabitants.</p> In this residential design, a staircase goes beyond its obvious function of facilitating vertical circulation within a three-story structure. In place, it is repurposed to create a generous ،e for both plants and the eight cats that predominantly reside on the first floor with the elder generation of the family. This strategically positioned element in <a