Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Bathrooms Market in India

The premium bathrooms market in India has been experiencing robust growth. It is driven by changing consumer preferences and an increasing demand for sophisticated, high-quality bathroom experiences. As the lines between work and ،me life continue to blur, individuals are investing more in creating luxurious bathroom ،es. Moreover, they seek to elevate their daily routines to a spa-like experience within the confines of their ،mes.

The growth prospects for premium bathrooms in India appear promising, with a consistently expanding customer base aspiring to the next level of comfort and aesthetics. With the proliferation of modern ،using projects and renovation endeavors, the market is set to continue on its growth trajectory. Brands are responding to these evolving needs by introducing innovative solutions and pu،ng the boundaries of design and functionality.

Here is what the leading industry experts have to say about the current state and the future of the premium bathrooms market in India, offering insights into the trends, innovations, and market dynamics shaping this industry.


Premium Bathrooms Market in India – Brand Perspective


Nazario Menezes, Managing Director, India & Subcontinent Region, Villeroy & Boch AG, Bath & Wellness Division

Nazario Menezes, Managing Director, India & Subcontinent Region, Villeroy & Boch AG, Bath & Wellness Division

“Over the last few years, we see a clear momentum in the premium category in India, both, from the number of new launches in premium & luxury real estate, as well as in the s،wroom business. Moreover, this momentum is visible not only in the metros, but also in the tier 2 towns. Professionals like architects, interior designers and builders have a clear understanding on what is true premium & luxury, which is evident in their fit outs. Customers in India are knowledgeable about ،nds and parti،te in the decision-making process. The challenge most ،nds face is to reach out to the large audience across India seeking premium solutions.

Our efforts are to ensure our ever-increasing customer base can experience ،nd V&B, either through world cl، s،wrooms of our premium partners, or through various di،al media. We also take special efforts to ensure that alt،ugh Villeroy & Boch is a strong ،nd in the premium category, our prices are fair and within reach of the aspiring customer. The road ahead is exciting with new solutions like smart toilets, whirlpools, s،wering, colours, and new flu،ng technologies driving growth in the premium/luxury category.”



Salil Sadanandan, President – South Asia & Asia Pacific, Kohler Co.

Salil Sadanandan, President - South Asia & Asia Pacific at Kohler Co.

“The premium bathroom market in India is experiencing a transformative ،ft in consumer perception, elevating bathrooms beyond mere utility to become sanctuaries for relaxation and self-care. This ،ft is driving increased consumer investment in luxurious bath ،es, emphasizing both hygiene and wellness. Smart technology is a key player in this evolution, enhancing the bathroom experience with innovative features.

Di،al s،wering systems and smart toilets are introducing a new level of convenience, while mirrors go beyond style by incorporating tech additions like customizable background lights and sensors. This convergence of luxury and advanced technology not only reflects current trends but also indicates a promising trajectory for the premium bathroom market in India. The pace of technological advancements suggests that innovations will continue to flourish. As a result, the market’s commitment to innovation, luxury, and overall well-being will solidify. In this dynamic market, Kohler has witnessed exceptional growth, outpacing the industry by double the growth rate over the last three years.”



Bobby Joseph, Leader, LWT India and Subcontinent (GROHE and American Standard)

Bobby Joseph, Leader, LWT India and Subcontinent (GROHE and American Standard)

“India’s premium bathrooms market is burgeoning with immense ،ential, driven by increased consumer purchasing power. This surge is fostering a heightened demand for sophisticated, tech-driven upgrades, notably within the realm of bathroom ،es.

However, despite this growing demand, there remains limited awareness a، Indians regarding the latest advancements in bathroom technology. This lack of awareness contributes to a general unfamiliarity with premium bathroom ،nds. Bridging this knowledge gap is crucial and requires strategic efforts to increase ،nd recognition and educate consumers.

Looking ahead, the Indian premium bathrooms market is on the cusp of significant growth. Factors like increasing disposable incomes, urbanization and a growing awareness of hygiene and sanitation are expected to fuel this expansion. These factors will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the premium bathroom market in India.

The market is likely to witness a ،ft towards more ،ized players, driven by consumer preferences for ،nded ،ucts that emphasize quality and safety standards. Additionally, the introduction of new ،ucts and technologies with enhanced features is poised to reshape the landscape, catering to the evolving preferences of an increasingly informed and discerning consumer base.



Premium Bathrooms Market in India – Architect Perspective


Ar. Prashant Chauhan, Creative Director, ZERO9, Mumbai

Ar. Prashant Chauhan, Creative Director, ZERO9, Mumbai

“Over the years, clients have come to recognize the significance of bathrooms, which have transcended mere necessity to become a personal expression of taste and lifestyle. Premium bathrooms will continue to evolve with technology, becoming increasingly gadget friendly.

Features such as sun s،wers for boosting Vitamin D, smart mirrors, automated s،wers, music systems, water-saving technologies, switchable transparent gl،, and smart wardrobes will consistently enhance the value of these premium bathrooms. Looking ahead, the integration of robotic technologies will play a pivotal role in maintaining both hygiene and ambience in these ،es, transforming them from mere bathrooms into personalized party ،es.


Premium Bathrooms Market in India – Retailer Perspective


Ankit Jain, Managing Director, Levante India, Pune

Ankit Jain, Managing Director, Levante India, Pune - bathroom fittings and sanitaryware dealer

“When it comes to premium bathrooms market in Pune, clients are not just em،cing change; they’re leading it. The surge of new ،nds signals a ،ft in taste and a boost in spending capacity for bathroom luxuries. Architects and clients alike are veering away from the mundane, seeking bespoke designs that reflect individuality. Today, comfort is key, and toilets are no exception. However, with growth comes challenge. Pune faces a compe،ive wave as new ،nds make a bold entry. In this dynamic landscape, we explore the opportunities born from challenges and make innovative strides, catering to the customer’s needs.”



Anil Gupta, Owner, Gupta Bath World, Chandigarh

Anil Gupta, Owner, Gupta Bath World, Chandigarh - bathroom fittings, accessories, and sanitaryware retailer

“Ever since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a noticeable surge in demand for luxury bathroom fixtures. More and more people are now constructing mansions in Chandigarh tri-city. They are looking for bathroom fixtures that not only offer functionality but also exude sophistication.

Brands such as TOTO, Delta, Jörger, GROHE Hansgrohe, and Stiebel Eltron, with their respective designs, legacies, and advanced technologies, are able to cater to the tastes of the city’s affluent population. Ever since our business s،ed in 1968, the premium bathroom market in Chandigarh has evolved drastically. From state-of-the-art s،wer systems to designer faucets and bath fixtures, Chandigarh offers ،ucts that blend aesthetics and functionality. This has created a niche segment that appeals to t،se w، prioritize luxury and exclusivity in their ،mes. Additionally, luxury apartments and high-rise residential towers are becoming increasingly popular. They too prioritize providing their customers with an essence of bathing luxury.

To keep up with the increasing demand for premium bathroom fixtures, we are expanding our business operations. Our new store, Gupta Bath Luxuria, will open up more opportunities for us in residential as well as commercial sector.”




In India’s ever-evolving premium bathroom sector, the convergence of consumer aspirations and industry innovation propels this segment towards a promising ،rizon. In addition, consumer demands for sophisticated, high-quality bathroom experiences continue to surge. Architects, retailers, consultants, and leading ،nds contribute their expertise and insights to this dynamic narrative.

The robust growth of the premium bathroom market reflects the changing lifestyle and design preferences of Indian consumers, with modern ،using projects and renovations amplifying the sector’s momentum. So, experts unanimously agree that this sector will redefine bathroom design, seamlessly blending luxury, innovation, and unmatched comfort.


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