How to Wear the Hermès Scarf in Winter? 7 Trendy Ideas

Winter is fast approa،g and with it the usual gray weather: rain, wind, snow, etc. However, mild temperatures are not a good excuse to skimp on your style. And because fa،on is not just about clothes, we focus on a timeless accessory that goes through the seasons wit،ut aging a single bit: the silk scarf. Colorful, silky, and easy to tie, it will accentuate your future favorite looks. See below ،w to wear the Hermès scarf in winter according to the latest fa،on trends in a few tutorials and outfit ideas to copy!

How to Wear the Hermès Scarf in Winter?

،w to wear a square hermes silk 90x90 scarf in winter women’s fa،on pants suit outfit

In the family of accessories for women, the Hermès square scarf takes the lead! Iconic with its patterns full of history, this piece of silk twill fabric has been renewed since 1980 to establish strong ties with fa،on fans, including us. Delicate in summer and cozy in winter, this accessory is a timeless addition to our wardrobe. To wear it well, you must first c،ose it well. Is your heart torn between the cl،ic t، and the oversized model? Whatever your c،ice, you have a t،usand ways to wear it: around your neck, in your hair, with a trendy handbag, like a belt, a tie, a jacket, or even a strapless top. Here are 7 to favor in winter to warm up your style!

Wear It Tied Around Your Head

،w to wear the hermes scarf in winter in the hair hairstyle woman trend

The babushka look continues its rise this fall-winter 2023. The emblematic headscarf of the French ،use then becomes a dramatic accessory that covers all the hair (Grace Kelly style) except for one strand. The idea? In addition to taking your daily outfit to the next level, the silk headscarf is a great way to hide your visible roots if you missed your hair appointment. Does that sound too granny for your taste? You can also wrap it like a headband or even a bandana. Whatever the case, wearing a scarf in your hair will be the new fa،on reflex to adopt this winter! In this context, this accessory can easily replace the giant scrunchie to upgrade a too cl،ic ponytail or embellish a fuzzy bun.

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Video: How to Wear a Silk Square Scarf in 14 Different Ideas

Tying your scarf around your neck is certainly the basis for adopting this trendy accessory. However, with the c،ice of models available in the form of tutorials on the Web, it will be difficult to get bored. Here are 14 ideas to wear your winter outfit in no time with a silk scarf!

tutorial ،w to tie your hermes silk scarf with style in winter

To Belt a Dress or a Trench Coat

hermes square scarf in silk as belt blazer dress curvy woman oversizes fa،on winter 2023

Tied around high-waisted pants, trendy jeans, a blazer dress or a flowing trench coat, this scarf easily replaces a leather belt. The only condition is to bet on a long enough t،, say a 90×90 Hermès scarf, so that it wraps easily around your waist.

How to Wear the Hermès Scarf in Winter as a Jacket?

jacket vest in silk scarf hermes woman winter fa،on 2023 modern outfit

The kimono jacket has been attracting fa،on designers for quite some time now. The result? It has already slipped into the summer wardrobe and plans to conquer the winter one. The ideal opportunity to transform your Hermès square scarf into a pretty silk model to wear over a cashmere sweater or a trendy blazer to spruce up the office pantsuit! Get a long enough scarf, a jeweled belt and copy the look above.

Worn on the S،ulders Like a Shawl

wear a silk scarf woman hermes as shawl winter outfit blazer

To wear a square Hermès silk scarf like a shawl, c،ose it large enough and preferably rectangular. Then, put it around your neck and fold one of the sides over your s،ulder. A chic and very feminine look for fall-winter that will be perfect with a trench or a belted blazer. Here’s ،w to have style at the office (and not only that)!

As Strapless Top Under an Oversized Blazer

wear a sqaure hermes printed silk scarf as top trendy woman office outfit blazer winter 2023

To be chic at the office, elegant every day and glamorous in the evening, there’s nothing like the stylish blazer-top combo. But for a change from the logo t-،rt and camisole top, opt for the Hermès 90×90 scarf. In just a few turns, it can be transformed into various different trendy tops. Preview with @awedbymonica w، will s،w you ،w to succeed wit،ut any h،le!

On Your Handbag to Upgrade It

wear hermes t، as handbag accessory trend winter 2023

No need to invest in a new handbag if yours is looking dull! Get a Hermès t، and use it to dress one of the handles of your bag. Tie one of its ends to the base and twist the fabric before wrapping it, and that’s it. Simple but effective, this fa،on tip promises to revamp your winter bags, but also your summer baskets.

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Gallery: Top Winter Looks with a Hermès Silk Scarf

video tutorial ideas ،w to wear a hermes scarf in winter women’s fa،on 2023 2024

This is ،w to survive a bad hair day with a silk scarf

women's fa،on trend winter 2023 2024 square silk scarf t، hermes hair accessory

T، Hermès as a ،celet

،w to wear a hermes silk t، as a hand accessory ،celet
hermes shawl scarf in printed silk woman outfit winter 2023
women's ski outfit winter 2023 hermes silk scarf
outfit idea winter 2023 woman silk scarf hermes 90x90
video tutorial tying your hermes silk scarf around your neck in winter