how to successfully plan an office in terms of social factors

There is no question that hybrid working – i.e. the mix of ،me office, mobile working and office presence – will remain. However, it is crucial that the office continues to be seen as a focal point in the future and as such, according to the Dauphin Group’s recommendation, covers three levels of social interaction: the ‘Me’ area for more focus and concentrated individual work, the ‘Team’ area where work groups come together for collaboration and communication, and the ‘Family’ area where everyone, across departments, meets. The family category is supposed to have the strongest influence on the sense of community – its central meeting place is the so-called ‘Heartbar’, which is supposed to encourage people to linger and network. With its ،nds Dauphin, Trendoffice, Züco, Bosse and Dauphin Home, the Group has suitable solutions for these areas and the concept can be experienced in the newly designed Dauphin Workheart Space in Offenbach am Main.