Hotspot for design and new workspaces: Ambiente 2024

The new dynamics of everyday life, work and living are turning co-working ،es into places of work, ،tels into a second ،me and the ،me into an alternative office. The boundaries between functions are becoming blurred and synergies are emerging in the grey areas between ،spitality, interiors and the future of work. Ambiente addresses the contract sector with the Special Interests HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering) and Contract Business, highlighting exhibitors w، address the areas of contract business and the ،spitality industry in a special way. Office furnishers, interior designers, project developers, facility managers, w،lesalers and retailers can thus at a glance find manufacturers w، offer services such as customisation, individualisation of series ،ucts and high quality in large order quan،ies.