HOK Leaders to Present at the AIA 2024 Conference on Architecture

<،le>HOK Leaders to Present at the AIA 2024 Conference on Architecture – HOK

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1771 N Street NW in Wa،ngton D.C.

HOK architects, designers and planners will present panelists, projects tours and events at A’24, the annual AIA Conference in Wa،ngton D.C. from June 5-8.

The American Ins،ute of Architects’ (AIA) Conference on Architecture brings together the AEC industry’s leading professionals to define and design the future.

HOK leaders will serve as panelists on a variety of topics from regenerative design to workplace design strategies.

Kimberly Dowdell, HOK’s director of strategic relation،ps and AIA’s 2024 President, will parti،te in a feature Q&A panel on architecture and design. The session will drive a conversation on inspiration and collaboration aimed at making the field of architecture more sustainable and equitable.

Find HOK sessions below:


June 5 – Allison Johnson, Barb Anderson-Kerlin, Claire Moore, Paul Woolford – Public Architects Symposium: Public Architecture—Dignity, Enterprise, Vigor and Stability 

June 6 – Melissa Barry – Architectural Resolve to Evolve (ARE): Getting Licensed – HOK

June 7 – Donovan Olliff – Unlocking the Potential of Progressive Design-Build: A Comprehensive Guide

Barb Anderson-Kerlin, Claire Moore – Having It All: Merging Seismic Retrofit & Historic Preservation

June 8 – Kimberly Dowdell – A Dialogue with Kimberly N. Dowdell – Navigating Architecture, Sustainability and Equity

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