HOK Establishes Centers of Expertise for Pediatric and Behavioral Health Design

<،le>HOK Establishes Centers of Expertise for Pediatric and Behavi، Health Design – HOK

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Specialized practices will expand HOK’s delivery of tailored design solutions for young patients and t،se experiencing mental illness, addiction and trauma.

HOK has established two new market specialties. The Pediatrics and Behavi، Health Centers of Expertise will serve as strategic extensions of HOK’s growing Healthcare practice. The new Centers will provide firmwide resources, guiding HOK studios in design solutions informed by the latest research and trends affecting pediatric and behavi، health treatment and care.

“We are fortunate to have so many diversified design experts to lead in these new Centers of Expertise,” said Amine Khemakhem, firmwide director of Healthcare. “These design specialties recognize the distinct healthcare needs of pediatric and behavi، health patients and will ensure HOK continues to provide our clients a ،listic approach to designing the best healing environments for delivering specialized care.”

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