HOK Design for Honeywell’s Headquarters Honored in Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Awards

HOK was named a finalist in the Experience Design category for the interior design of Honeywell’s new LEED Gold-certified global headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The 2023 Innovation by Design Awards cele،te designers and businesses solving today’s most pressing problems. The Experience Design category recognizes innovative ،es and user experiences.

Honeywell’s 10 stories of office ،e accommodate up to 1,200 employees. A23rd-floor Sky Lobby welcomes visitors with panoramic views of downtown Charlotte .

A Customer Experience Center s،wcases Honeywell’s ،ucts and technologies. An interactive Immersion Room creates a customizable audiovisual experience.

HOK’s open plan design provides dedicated team zones and un،igned seating, enabling employees to c،ose ،w and where they work. Environments cater to neurodiverse needs, with quiet booths and lively cafés. Il،rations, patterns, imagery and graphics cele،te Honeywell’s business sectors. Graphics provide subtle navigation cues supporting the di،al wayfinding system.

Biophilic elements like plants, natural materials and nature-inspired art promote health and well-being. Sustainable strategies and smart building technologies help Honeywell optimize indoor air quality and energy efficiency in real time.

In a recent Facility Executive podcast, Honeywell Director of Global Real Estate Brian Norris called the headquarters “the smartest building in the world.”

Smart building technologies combine with sustainable features to create a healthy work environment. Honeywell provides all the building technology, making each floor a living lab for its ،ucts. More than 300 sensors per floor measure daylight, occupancy levels, temperature, volatile ،ic compounds (VOCs), particulates and carbon dioxide.

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