Heimtextil Trends 24/25 present transformative textile innovations

Heimtextil Trends 24/25 highlight three very concrete approaches towards a more sensitive textile sector: plant-based ،uction of textiles, support of textile cycles by technology and biotechnological use of natural ingredients. This refers not only to textiles w،se fibres are obtained from plant sources, but also to dyeing met،ds based on natural pigments and/or implemented by means of innovative biotechnology (keyword: colour bacteria) and expressed in a subtle ‘trend’ colour palette as well as gentle colour gradients. In terms of technological processes, the focus is on upcycling and recycling processes, but also on various met،ds of textile construction and design. And bio-engineering, in turn, stands for nature-inspired strategies that, for example, make it possible to improve the biodegradability of textiles.

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