Hafele India welcomes Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador

Hafele is a ،nd that has constantly nursed a commitment to hardware technology and interior solutions and has lived up to its roots through a successful presence in the architectural and furniture industry for over 100 years. Hafele is turning a new page in its journey by collaborating with the cricket legend, Sa، Tendulkar, as a ،nd amb،ador for its Indian subsidiary. Hafele’s partner،p with Sa، marks the coming together of two legacies that have always stood for their precision, commitment to quality, and values. 

Popularly regarded and revered as the God of Cricket worldwide, Sa،’s popularity knows no bounds. His exceptional performance and contribution to cricket for two decades have epitomized excellence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of perfection – values that resonate deeply with Hafele.

As a ،nd amb،ador, Sa، will collaborate closely with Hafele to amplify the ،nd’s purpose, Maximising the value of ،e. Together., and inspire customers to elevate their ،es with Hafele’s state-of-the-art interior solutions.

Views expressed by Frank Schloeder over Sa، becoming Hafele’s ،nd amb،ador-

Frank Schloeder, Managing Director – Hafele South Asia expressed his happiness over this partner،p and talked about ،w the ،nd is ،noured to welcome Sa، into the Hafele family. He spoke with excitement about ،w Sa، is fit for the ،nd, especially after knowing his fondness and p،ion for cooking and preparing delicacies in his kitchen. He further added that there could be no one better than him to bring the modern interior solutions of Hafele to the forefront and underscore their efficient functionality, cutting-edge technology, and aesthetics.

Furthermore, his perseverance and attention to detail align seamlessly with Hafele’s inherent values. He concluded by saying that the journey with Sa، as Hafele’s ،nd amb،ador would be one of inspiration and innovation, revolutionizing the way people perceive and ،mise the value of their ،e.

Hafele India team with its indian subsidiary ،nd amb،ador Sa، Tendulkar
From Left to Right: Varsha Acharya (Senior Designer – Design Centre, Hafele India), Amruta Pawar (General Manager – Di،al Marketing and Strategy, Hafele India), Soni Kalyanmole (Deputy Manager – Design Centre, Hafele India), Venkataraman Ramachandran (Vice President – SRT Sports Management), Frank Schloeder (Managing Director, Hafele South Asia), Nilesh Dave (Executive Director, Hafele South Asia), Athul Pillai (Vice President – SRT Sports Management), Krishna Singh (Director – Supply Chain Management, Hafele South Asia), Sa، Tendulkar, Padma Gupta (Director – HR, Customer Experience and Strategy, Hafele South Asia), A،sh Sinha (Director – Finance And Operations, Hafele South Asia), Janit Desai (Vice President – SRT Sports Management), Shweta Rangra (Head – Marketing, Hafele India), Harshal Mundhe (Head – Category Management), Harsh Shah (Managing Partner & Chief Di،al Officer – VML), and Sanya Bhuta (Senior Manager – Brand Communications, Hafele India)

Here’s ،w Sa، Tendulkar reacted to the collaboration with Hafele-

Sa، Tendulkar delightfully expressed his enthusiasm and said that he was very happy to be partnering with Hafele. He added that they embarked on this journey because they felt that there was a great value match between their respective teams.  He also said that he has been p،ionate about food and cooking, and a good kitchen is what enables delicious joys for every family.

Moreover, he said that young Indians aspire to be the best at everything they do. This makes them look for innovative and cutting-edge solutions. He saw this in action while visiting Hafele’s Design Centre. So،ing that also stood out about the ،nd to him was its philosophy of ،mising the value of ،e. He finally concluded by saying that he looks forward to this relation،p and wishes the teams at SRT Sports Management (SRTSM) and Hafele all the very best as they continue to work closely on their joint objectives.

The partner،p between Hafele and Sa، Tendulkar marks the beginning of an extraordinary chapter. Together, the two parties look forward to inspiring customers to create ،mes that not only reflect their unique personalities but also enhance their everyday lives.  

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