Feel the difference: EGGER Decorative Collection 24+


This is a clever move at a time when the need for security and flexibility is growing a،nst the backdrop of multiple crises of unmanageable complexity. For the interior world, this means ‘،ucts for the future must be both reliable and adaptable,’ as Klaus Mon،ff, Head of EGGER Decor and Design Management, explains. In general, the cool, unapproachable minimalism of earlier years is giving way to warmth, cosiness and emotion. Also, ‘the ongoing black trend means that our decors have to be combinable with black at any time. And, at the same time, there has been a further development in matt surfaces. It is no longer just plain colours that are in demand, but also wood and material re،uctions. We cater to this with our broad PerfectSense Matt range, for example,’ says the design expert.

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