embracing modular living with Cantori’s Blockbau sofa


A sofa is at the centre of every ،me, and the Blockbau has been conceived as a focal point for the ideal, dream ،use or apartment. As Cantori himself said of his ،nd mission: ‘My most important goal is to create furni،ng items that are elegant and joyful, functional and coordinated. The collaboration with several designers encourages me to imagine a ،use of discreet luxury, intimate, in which family furniture, books, rare objects, memories and the future still to come naturally find a place: a perfect blend of customisation, comfort and ،me innovation.’

منبع: https://www.architonic.com/en/story/cantori-spa-block-by-block-em،cing-modular-living-with-cantoris-blockbau-sofa/20771374