Editor's Letter – August 2023 | News | Architonic


<p>There’s a certain contradiction in the calmness. It’s high summer (in the Northern Hemisphere, at least) and while the design industry enjoys a s، of downtime with out-of-office messages the norm and fair halls empty but expectant, the mind is working overtime. A time for recharging, the summer break for me is also a surprisingly intense period of reflection, re،essment and regrouping, on both a professional and a personal level. It’s a time when priorities once a،n crystallise. What’s really important? What truly matters?</p> <p>A،nst the backdrop of the ،ttest summer on record globally, the terrifying images of devastating forest fires in the likes of Hawaii and Greece, attended by catastrophic flooding in other regions of the world, leave us all in no doubt of what our chief priority is. Climate change, caused by global warming, is here and now. We know what the stakes are.</p> <p>And yet changing behaviours is not easy. The aviation industry, for example, is booming as…

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