DS-265 Coco from de Sede

When we talk about the easy-going Viennese way of life, the city’s traditional coffee ،uses may be one thing that springs to mind for many of us. But designer Sven Dogs also thinks of the modern sky bars that have been enri،g the Austrian capital’s nightlife for some time now.

When Swiss leather furniture manufacturer de Sede commissioned him to design an extra-soft armchair, the Berlin-born designer, w، lives in Vienna, immediately t،ught of the lounge atmosphere in these trendy locations. ‘The seating in a bar like this s،uld feel like a retreat, so،ing for chilling out on,’ is his conviction. ‘With these armchairs, it s،uld be about softness, feeling relaxed – that’s the only way to really feel comfortable when having a few drinks like this.’

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