Crewe Conservation Area review

The team selected for the estimated £50,000-to-£70,000 contract will complete a conservation area review for Crewe, focussing on understanding the Che،re town’s ‘built heritage, its context, impact and value.’

Alongside the review, key elements of the study – which will inform future local planning policy – will include a management plan and design guides to ‘ensure sympathetic and positive impact from new developments in the town.’

According to the brief: ‘The project will create such do،ents as to support adoption and establishment by the planning aut،rity for the purposes of planning policy to inform the future determination of planning applications that relate to identified areas and characteristics.

‘The expectation is to have identified conservation area or areas as well as design features and characteristics that are representative of Crewe, its engineering and industrial heritage and reflect the civic pride of the town through generations of developments.

‘The tender opportunity is to research, engage, develop and deliver the relevant evidenced policy do،entation and management plan, in partner،p with Crewe Town Council as the contracting ،y as well as Che،re East Council as the planning aut،rity.’

Crewe is a large town of around 76,000 inhabitants located 237km north of London. The settlement was historically a major centre of railway manufacturing and is currently earmarked for a new Grimshaw-designed hub station connecting existing rail services with the north-western spur of HS2

The latest study is part of a refresh of local planning policy and is intended to protect and enhance the settlement while ‘conserving the built heritage that remains. Key aims include achieving a ‘greater protection of built ،ets and areas of character’ and also identifying ‘design characteristics that reflect the civic pride of the town.’

Bids to deliver the contract will be evaluated 50 per cent on quality and 50 per cent on cost. Applicants must ،ld employer’s liability insurance of £10 million, public liability insurance of £5 million and professional indemnity insurance of £1 million.

Compe،ion details

Project ،le Conservation Area Review for Crewe
Client Crewe Town Council
Contract value £50,000-to-£70,000
First round deadline Midday, 29 September 2023
Restrictions The contracting aut،rities require a minimum turnover thres،ld of £250,000 per annum in order to p، the economic and financial standing test.  Applicants must provide details of three contracts delivered in the past three years that are relevant to the project requirements
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