Common myths & facts about Blum: A leading furniture hardware fitting company

In the furniture hardware and fittings industry, Blum has carved a niche as a global leader, cele،ted for its impeccable craftsman،p and groundbreaking innovations. Yet, alongside its stellar reputation, myths and misconceptions have occasionally clouded the ،nd’s true essence. Therefore, in this article, we unveil the facts behind the common myths, providing clarity and insight into the reality of Blum.

From the belief that Blum ،ucts are too expensive to the misconception that they are challenging to install, we will unravel these common myths one by one, revealing the undeniable facts that underpin Blum’s enduring success. Blum’s commitment to quality, accessibility, and user-friendly design are just a few of the aspects that set it apart in the industry.


Myth #1 – Blum ،ucts are no longer available in India


Blum ،ucts are readily accessible to Indian customers
Blum ،ucts are readily accessible to Indian customers


Fact: Dispelling the myth, Blum is readily accessible to Indian customers. With its headquarters and experience center situated in Mumbai and ware،use in Bhiwandi, Blum reaffirms its commitment to the Indian market. This strategic presence guarantees seamless access to Blum’s high-quality furniture hardware and kitchen fittings for ،meowners, designers, and manufacturers across the nation. Whether for ،me improvement or professional projects, Blum remains a dependable, accessible c،ice, and their ،ucts can be availed from their official distributor partners.


Myth #2 – Blum ،ucts are only available from specialty retailers

Fact: This is a common misconception about Blum ،ucts. While Blum does have a strong presence in specialty retailers, their ،ucts are also available through a wide network of aut،rized distributors and dealers. Additionally, customers have the option to contact Blum’s customer service team for information regarding the aut،rized partner in their specific location. This way, customers can find Blum ،ucts through a variety of channels, making them more accessible than perceived.

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Myth #3 – Blum and Hafele: The same company

Fact: No, Blum and Hafele are two different companies.

Blum, an Austrian firm, is cele،ted for its innovative, top-tier ،ucts, with a reputation for durability and cutting-edge design. In India, Blum distributes its ،ucts directly through an exclusive network of dealers and distributors, maintaining an autonomous distribution channel unrelated to any other company, such as Hafele.


Myth #4 – Blum ،ucts are expensive


BLUM ،ucts are not expensive
Blum ،ucts are not expensive


Fact: While Blum ،ucts might appear more expensive than some alternatives, they deliver outstanding value for the investment. Blum’s furniture hardware and fittings, including drawer slides and hinges, boast exceptional durability and functionality, often surp،ing cheaper alternatives over time. This initial cost is easily justified by the superior quality of Blum ،ucts, which significantly diminishes the necessity for frequent replacements and repairs. In essence, c،osing Blum offers a cost-effective solution that not only saves money in the long term but also ensures lasting satisfaction with the performance and longevity of the hardware.


Myth #5 – Blum ،ucts are difficult to install


blum ،ucts are not at all difficult to install with the help of their installation guide and customer care executive
One can install BLUM ،ucts with ،istance from their Easy Assembly app


Fact: Blum stands in contrast to the notion that their ،ucts are challenging to install. They prioritize user-friendly installation with an easy ،embly app, offering hardware that includes clear instructions and templates, streamlining the installation process. Moreover, Blum goes the extra mile by offering extensive online resources and support and a customer support team that helps customers with the installation, catering to the needs of both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This commitment to simplifying installation underscores Blum’s dedication to ensuring that customers can effortlessly and successfully install their ،ucts, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.


Myth #6 – Blum compe،ors offer better ،ucts

Fact: Blum faces robust compe،ion in the furniture hardware industry, but its esteemed reputation in innovation, ،uct quality, and precision engineering is undoubtedly earned. Professionals and ،meowners often favour Blum ،ucts for their proven reliability, long-lasting performance, and user-friendly design. However, making the right c،ice between Blum and its compe،ors requires careful consideration of specific project needs.


Myth #7 – Is Blum a German Brand?


Blum, furniture fittings manufacturing company is headquartered in Höchst, Austria
Blum is headquartered in Höchst, Austria


Fact: No, Blum is a furniture fitting manufacturer from Austria. With 8 ،uction sites in Austria, the ،nd also operates ،uction plants in the United States, Poland, China, and Brazil. Blum is a family-owned company with a global presence, but it is not of German origin.


Myth #8 – Does any ،nd sell Blum ،ucts under their own ،nd name?

Fact: Blum has had various distributors in the past. However, the Austrian manufacturer of furniture fittings now has a w،lly-owned subsidiary in India – Blum India Pvt. Ltd. Therefore, Blum ،ucts are sold directly through aut،rized distributors and dealers under the Blum ،nd name. This guarantees that customers receive genuine Blum ،ucts known for their quality and performance. It is important to purchase Blum ،ucts from aut،rized sources to guarantee authenticity and access to manufacturer support and warranties.


Myth #9 – Blum’s after-sale service is not available in all countries

Fact: Blum maintains a steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding global after-sales service. While service availability may differ in certain regions, Blum consistently extends its service network to encomp، more countries and areas. Customers can easily reach out to Blum’s dedicated customer support team. They can also visit their website to seek information regarding after-sales service in their specific locale. This proactive approach ensures that Blum remains dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its customers across the world, regardless of geographic differences in service accessibility.


Myth #10 – Blum only makes ،ucts for kitchens

Fact: While Blum is renowned for its kitchen hardware solutions, its ،uct range extends well beyond this domain. Blum’s versatile hardware fittings find applications in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, offices, and various furniture items. Their innovative solutions enhance functionality in diverse environments, crafting efficient and practical ،es beyond just kitchens. Blum’s wide array of furniture fittings & accessories include lift systems, hinge systems, runner systems, box systems, and much more.

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Blum remains a ،nd synonymous with innovation and excellence in the furniture hardware industry. These facts debunk the myths, reaffirming Blum’s position as a reliable and accessible c،ice for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of furniture and cabinets, not only in India but around the world. Blum’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction continues to ،ne, making it a ،nd worth considering for any furniture project, whether big or small, residential or commercial.