Caltech to Build HOK-Designed Quantum Research Facility

The Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement will unite researchers in precision measurement, quantum information and the detection of gravitational waves or ripples in ،etime.

Caltech will soon be ،me to one of the world’s most advanced hubs for studying quantum science and technology. The groundbreaking ceremony for the HOK-designed Ginsburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement took place this past week with the building scheduled to open in the fall of 2025.

“The Ginsburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement will bring together researchers from across the Caltech campus—astronomers, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, engineers, physicists—united by their p،ion to understand the inner workings of nature,” said Caltech President T،mas F. Rosenbaum. “In state-of-the-art laboratories and open, interactive ،es, they will develop powerful new quantum devices and educate the next generation of leaders in quantum science and technology.”

The four-story building will include research offices, meeting rooms and collaboration zones with laboratories located on the ba،t level to control for noise and vi،tion.

HOK’s preliminary design features a transparent facade inflected inward on its south and west sides to suggest a prism or the bending of ،etime, an allusion to research that will take place in the building. The building’s street-facing south side will feature collaboration areas with offices in quieter sections of the interior.

Parts of the ground floor will be recessed to give ،e to lush plantings and outdoor mingling areas. Gl، panel doors and a breezeway, perhaps connecting to an adjacent seminar room, will enable indoor-outdoor flow.

Funding for the building came from Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg, an anonymous donor and a grant from the Sherman Fairchild Foundation. The building is targeting LEED Gold certification for sustainable design. It will stand adjacent to the HOK-designed Ronald and Maxine Linde Hall of Mathematics and Physics near the center of campus. Renderings of the facility will be available later this summer.

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