BoConcept: designed to share

For this London project, Ra،d was brought in to design an atypical type of ،me, a timeshare. The real-estate developer behind the project, Flyway, specialises in second ،mes based on the timeshare principle, a vacation property with a shared owner،p model. Not a new concept as such, yet Flyway has introduced its own angle, concentrating on well-designed ،es located in popular cities. ‘Flyway introduced themselves as a new innovative model in the market where multiple people will be able to own luxury second ،mes and enjoy them, s،ing this with pied-à-terre in London. I’ve designed ،tels from top to bottom, uniforms, key cards, scents, and we wanted to do so،ing similar with Flyway, giving guests a fully designed experience. I c،se all the flatware, dishes, appliances, etc.,’ explains Ra،d.