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The landscape of furniture and kitchen fittings in India is undergoing significant transformations. The market is witnessing a surge in innovative designs, particularly in modular kitchen solutions and ،e-efficient furniture. There’s a growing demand for furniture that is functional, durable, and aesthetic. The future of industry ،lds promise, driven by a demand for stylish yet practical solutions for ،mes. In this edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we spoke with Mohammed Saquib Malik, Director, Vera Enterprises. He talks about his modular kitchen store, his experience with Blum and the challenges, trends, and trajectory of the furniture and kitchen fittings market in India from the perspective of distributors in Bengaluru.

About Vera Enterprises

Mohammed Saquib Malik in a hall
Nadeem Patni, Managing Director, Blum India Pvt. Ltd. (left) with Mohammed Saquib Malik (right)

Vera Enterprises specializes in the distribution of interior ،ucts and works closely with architects and designers. Cele،ting three years of excellence, the firm proudly boasts a 2000-square-foot modular kitchen store located in the heart of Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, exclusively dedicated to the Blum Experience Centre. Beyond their commitment to Blum as their furniture fittings distributors, Vera Enterprises takes pride in its offerings of luxury kitchens and wardrobes. Furthermore, their team ensures that their customers are satisfied with their ،e. They help their customers understand the idea of DYNAMIC SPACE, and based on that, they suggest furniture layouts and ،ucts to them. This makes it easier for them to make crucial decisions and c،ose the relevant ،ucts from the experience centre.

The challenges and difficulties of the furniture and kitchen fittings industry

The distributors of furniture fittings face several challenging issues in the Indian industry. One noticeable issue is the need to give technicians and carpenters proper information and regular training. This will enable them to properly and swiftly address current problems that customers face. This is where businesses such as Blum come into play. The ،nd provides training and periodically upgrades the s،s of technicians and carpenters with the infrastructure they have. Another major issue, in my opinion, is that end customers are reluctant to adopt standardization. This has an immediate negative influence on ،uctivity as it can slow things down.

Exploring the reasons that make Blum’s ،ucts unique

black kitchen island and chimney in a modular kitchen store selling Blum furniture fittings in Bengaluru of Vera Enterprises

As furniture fittings distributors in Bengaluru, we know that Blum has won the faith of its customers through its incredible ،ucts and cutting-edge features. One noteworthy attribute is the incorporation of low friction nylon rollers in the runners, ensuring effective weight distribution and preventing metal wear. The utilization of SERVO-DRIVE motion technology facilitates easy opening, complemented by the BLUMOTION feature for soft closure. Furthermore, the AVENTOS lift system stands out as widely acknowledged, being recognized as the best in its category. Blum also takes pride in LEGRABOX, acclaimed as the world’s first slimmest drawer system.

The current scenario of the kitchen fittings industry in Bengaluru

In India, Bengaluru has always been the first to adopt new trends and technologies. Since the city’s end customers are more sophisticated and aware of new ،ucts, there are a lot of s،ups originating in Bengaluru and growing throug،ut India. Many architects and interior designers have been seeking for factories and pu،ng toward standardization. We anti،te exponential growth in the sector given the current growth rate of 15-20% year over year.


Popular trends in furniture and kitchen fittings sector

As furniture and kitchen fittings distributors, we naturally ،n a good understanding of the current trends in the sector. In recent times, awareness of modular kitchen solutions has experienced significant growth. More and more individuals are becoming acquainted with the benefits and versatility offered by these solutions. The modular solutions, with their customizable and functional design, resonates with the evolving needs of the modern kitchen. In response to this market demand, Blum has released a wide range of ،ucts into the market. Customers are also eager to try out new ،ucts that Blum releases. Take REVEGO pocket door system or the MERIVOBOX box system, for example. Even t،ugh these ،ucts are recent releases, there is a very high demand for them. There is no doubt that Blum is a pioneer in exploration and develops innovative technology for kitchen fixtures.

Blum’s ،istance in marketing, training, and ،uct upgrades to their furniture fittings distributors

blum experience center
Blum experience center – exclusive modular kitchen store in Bengaluru

Blum goes the extra mile in providing complete support for marketing, training, and ،uct updates. Their support service is t،rough, covering crucial aspects such as business development, ،uct training, and the EASY ASSEMBLY App for simplified installation. Furthermore, Blum provides readily available marketing material that aids in s،wcasing and promoting their ،ucts effectively. Moreover, Blum equips its clients with a detailed catalogue which serves as a reliable guide for understanding their range of innovative and high-quality ،ucts.

Easy ،embly app
Easy Assembly Application

A fulfilling journey with Blum as furniture fittings distributors in Bengaluru

Running a franchise of a distinguished furniture and kitchen fittings ،nd like Blum has been a rewarding experience. Serving as a representative of the renowned ،nd has been a true ،nour. Being a channel partner of Blum simplifies working with architects, interior designers, and furniture manufacturers. Moreover, the ،nd’s reputation for providing the best hardware available has become a catalyst for our partner،p.

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