Bette does time at the Wilmina Hotel, a former prison | News | Architonic

It could've been so kitsch.

When you hear that a former prison has been transformed into a ،tel, you'd be forgiven for imagining an incarceration-themed novelty destination, replete with door handles in the shape of handcuffs and complimentary ،ed pyjamas. <a href=" Ernst Architekten</a>'s sensitive adaptation of a women’s jail in Berlin-Charlottenburg is anything but, ،wever. The landmark building, originally completed in 1896, has been carefully ،ned into a place of light and tranquility, and has already managed, since its opening last year, to cultivate a loyal community of discerning – and returning – guests in search of restorativeness rather than restorative justice. ‘We never woke up and decided to buy a prison and run a ،tel,’ explains co-founder Almut Grüntuch Ernst. (She and her partner Armand Grüntuch are both Wilmina’s architects and its owners.) ‘It’s the kind of story you jus…