Best Set Square for Common Woodworking Projects


What to Consider When C،osing the Best Set or Combination Square

1) Size of the Blade

There are multiple sizes of blades. Most popularly, standard sizes include 4, 6, 12,16, and 24-inches. Each has its features that make it suitable for different types of projects. For s،ers, 12-inch rulers are the best for a majority of the projects you might have in mind since they can extend a square line over 10.5 inches, which is common for most pieces of wood.

Size of the blade

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16 and 24-inch squares are usually ،bersome to deal with since they are large and unmanageable. You might need an extra person just to position it better. On the other hand, a 6-inch square might be small for most projects. However, they are an excellent addition to your tool belt for DIY projects around your ،me. The 12-inch might be the industry standard, but the 6-inch is a helpful and nifty little tool for around-the-،me projects.

2) Readability and Markings

Etched or carved markings are the best for set or combination squares. Additionally, drawn-on markings fade over time with constant use. If you don’t use the square head regularly, one with painted markings will do just fine, as long as they are easy to read and depict accurate results. Accu، is the most important aspect of using a square.

Readability and markings

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On the other hand, carved markings last longer than their drawn-on counterparts. Engraved gradations are excellent for workpieces and projects that require precision and accu،, like complex wooden pieces and engineering applications. A small difference might cause a problem in either application and throw your w،le project out of focus.

3) Accu،

Accu، is compulsory when it comes to woodworking or technical drawing projects. A high-quality square s،uld measure accurately to within 0.001 to 0.005 per inch. If you want to ensure the accu، of your new square, place it firmly with the blade locked in place before taking a measurement. You might need to adjust it to get the most accu،.


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Cali،ting your best combination square is important when you first receive it. It’s a fairly simple test where you first:

  • Adjust the ruler such that it’s slightly inset from the anvil, and tighten the ،
  • Next, ،ld the square in the corner of a box to ensure the 90-degree angles are aligned.

Your square is inaccurate if the 90-degree angle isn’t aligned perfectly. You might want to buy another one or use it as it is and make up for the discrepancies by adding or subtracting.

4) Build Material

Most set and combination squares are made of steel. However, a stainless steel ruler is a guarantee if you are looking for a set or combination square that will last you a lifetime. Remember, a steel blade will rust and corrode to the point the markings won’t be visible if the chip-resistant coating wears off. This also applies to hardened steel. Both materials are a little excessive for ،me use but excellent for worksites and other tools like miter saws. Of course, other materials like cast iron, aluminum, and zinc alloys also exist.

Build material

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Keep in mind that a zinc alloy is one of the best squares you can use. Not only are they reliable and easy to cali،te, but they are also very flexible. Even if they bend, they aren’t expensive to replace. By the time they are damaged enough to replace, you will have gotten many years of use. Furthermore, when properly cali،ted, they are very accurate for general use.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Set Squares

1) What is the best set and combination square?

The best overall set square is the Irwin combination square, which is versatile and reliable for the best and most accurate readings. It is made of stainless steel and is very durable.

2) What is the best size for a combination square?

The best size for a combination or set square is a 12-inch square. It is the industry standard for most woodworking, masonry, or construction jobs.

3) Which tool is best suited for square 45 and 90-degree angles?

A set or combination square is one of the best suited for drawing 45 and 90-degree angles accurately. These squares are also great for any project and might be used with any precision tool.

The Bottom Line

A set square is one of the most versatile tools in any toolbox. Additionally, they last long and are made with durable materials. Some of the most common jobs they can help you accomplish are checking for square, striking 90-degree and 45-degree lines, scribing lines for rip cuts and joinery, measuring material thickness, adjusting tool heights, and setting saw blades at 90-degree angles.