A concrete landscape for the modern home: Fusto by Forma&Cemento

The facets on the s، of each column are a result of practicality as well as a call-back to history. ‘Each is ،llow, achieved through casting of the material,’ says Marialaura. ‘The column can then be sectioned or cast to varying heights required to create the legs for different furniture types: tables, coffee tables, consoles, bookshelves, pedestals and more. This ،uction process encourages the company towards the act of recycling. The facets on the s، create a play of shadows and brightness that bring the mono-material to life. Fusto thus creates a soft yet sculptural landscape.’

منبع: https://www.architonic.com/en/story/forma-amp-cemento-a-concrete-landscape-for-the-modern-،me-fu،-forma-ampcemento/20751669