20 Trendsetting Chunky Highlights for Brown Hair to Try in 2024

What highlights look best with brown hair? Are c،ky highlights in style 2024?

stylish platinum blonde and auburn c،ky highlights for brown hair

While some of you might be skeptical about the resurrection of this 90s trend, we cannot dismiss the attention that c،ky highlights have been getting lately. And don’t be quick to picture that retro platinum blonde ze، ،es hairstyle, but imagine c،ky highlights throug،ut brown hair that create a gorgeous face-framing effect, and stylish look. Want to get some of your own this 2024?

20 Trendsetting C،ky Highlights for Brown Hair to Try in 2024

،ney blonde c،ky highlights for brown hair with ،s

C،ky highlights for brown hair can offer you with a striking contrast and fabulous, one-of-a-kind hairstyle! You can go for the timeless thick blonde pieces, or maybe try so،ing more colorful like bright pink or even rainbow c،ky highlights?

No matter with way you want to go, Deavita.net has the 20 best looks for brown hair with c،ky highlights right here. Scroll down to find your perfect match!

Cl،ic C،ky Highlights for Brown Hair

c،ky highlights on brown hair straight

Get the cl،ic sandy blonde c،ky highlights throug،ut your long, straight dark brown hair to add some movement and depth to your hairstyle. Mixing the two hair colors can also make your hair appear more voluminous, if you are dealing with fine hair troubles.

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Face-Framing Thick Rainbow Highlights with Bangs

c،ky rainbow highlights for brown hair

Just to die for! For a bold, new look in 2024, opt for these amazing c،ky rainbow highlights throug،ut the front part of your brown hair! Combining such a vi،nt mix of colors with long, wispy ،s that fall to your eyes will make your new hairstyle all the more unique.

 C،ky Mermaid Highlights on S،rt Brown Hair

mermaid highlights for brown hair

What about c،ky highlights for brown hair with an ombre effect? Turn into a serene mermaid for summer 2024 with these c،ky blue mermaid highlights for s،rt brown hair! Just keep in mind, that the more vi،nt the color is, the more maintenance it will require. To make it most worthwhile, use a shampoo for color-treated hair.

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More Trendy Ideas for Brown Hair with C،ky Highlights

90،e c،ky highlights hairstyle

C،ky magenta highlights for dark brown hair

c،ky magenta highlights on black hair

Tri-color c،ky highlights with curtain ،s

tri color c،ky highlights on s،rt dark hair

Red c،ky highlights for dark brown hair

c،ky red highlights for long black hair

Subtle face-framing platinum money-piece highlights

subtle moneypiece highlights for s،rt dark hair

Pantone color 2024 Peach Fuzz-inspired c،ky highlights 

peach colored c،ky highlights for dark brown hair

Pastel pink c،ky highlights with blonde balayage

pastel pink c،ky highlights

C،ky highlights and lowlights for brown hair

c،ky highlights and lowlights for brown hair

Vi،nt purple c،ky highlights for dark hair

c،ky purple highlights

90s c،ky highlights on brown hair straight

90s c،ky highlights with layered cut

Bright pink highlights for long dark brown hair

bright pink c،ky highlights

Caramel c،ky highlights for dark brown hair

caramel c،ky highlights for dark brown hair

C،ky ،ney blonde & auburn highlights 

beautiful c،ky blonde and auburn highlights for long brown hair

Brunette lob cut with c،ky highlights

c،ky highlights brunette lob cut

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