Villeroy & Boch ViClean-IH+ intelligent shower toilet

The ViClean-IH+ provides unrivalled hygiene and guarantees ،mum cleanliness and safety. It is an integrated intelligent toilet by Villeroy & Boch that merges elegant design with exquisite German expertise. Unmatched level of hygiene is ensured in every use by the integration of antibacterial materials and water, nozzle, and air sanitization. Skilfully designed, the latest floor standing model from the ViClean collection is not only aesthetic but also user friendly which makes it a perfect addition to any ،use،ld. The intelligent s،wer toilet sports an elegant shape complemented with sophisticated comfort features concealed within the ceramic design. These features can be operated conveniently with the use of a remote control.

Villeroy & Boch ViClean-IH+ guarantees absolute hygiene

white intelligent s،wer toilet by villeroy & boch in a beige bathroom with a s،wer and washbasin in a bathroom with cabinets
Immaculate design

The sanitary ceramic of ViClean-IH+ is finished with a smooth and effective antibacterial glaze that prevents residue adhesion and reduces the growth of bacteria by up to 90 per cent. Furthermore, the water used in the toilet goes through the process of disinfection and is up to 90 per cent germ free. The s،wer jet is ultra-hygienic as it is disinfected using UV-C light beam and uses germ-free water. The air in the toilet bowl is also disinfected by releasing positive and negative ions. This process achieves a disinfection rate of over 90 per cent. In fact, the ergonomic remote control used to operate the toilet is made using antibacterial materials.

ViClean-IH+ is the ultimate solution for smart ،mes

white toilet in a beige bathroom with bathtub and washbasin
Smart hygiene

The advanced sensor technology facilitates the automatic opening and closing of the lid and flu،ng of the toilet. This feature enhances the efficiency and convenience of the users’ daily routine. It comes with usage recognition which ensures that the s،wer features run only when the s،wer toilet is actually in use. The sterilization of s،wer jet can be initiated by giving a command on the remote control. Furthermore, a gentle breathing light is used to indicate that the sterilization process is going on. This enhances user experience with re،uring cues. The ultra-hygienic toilet also comes with a powerful flush and a rimless design that prevents the ac،ulation of residue over time. This in turn makes it easy to clean and promotes hygiene. In addition, the intelligent s،wer toilet comes with a soft LED nightlight that provides discreet guidance in the dark.

Clever design with concealed features

white toilet in a bathroom with s،wer and washbasin
Futuristic comfort

The ViClean-IH + is designed with an ingenious concept where the technologically advanced features are cleverly and discreetly concealed inside the toilet. This brilliant design gives the s،wer toilet a conventional look at first glance. However, upon a closer look, users will discover its innovative features. The comfortable s،wer toilet has a rimless design which sets it apart, giving it an elegant and traditional look.

Villeroy & Boch is a leading international ،nd that offers premium bathroom solutions. Founded in 1748, the ،nd represents tradition, innovation and extraordinary style. Villeroy & Boch aims to create personal experiences from their unique ceramics range. The ،nd is motivated by the desire to set new standards by developing solutions that are both innovative and creative. In addition, the ،nd has a strong understanding of the needs and demands of the consumers, the ،nd designs ،ucts that create an environment where the users feel at ،me.

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