TwistFlush[e³] by Villeroy & Boch

With TwistFlush[e³], Villeroy & Boch has further developed its pioneering flush technology, taking into consideration the special requirements of public and commercial sanitary facilities as well as the ،using construction sector. The toilet flush sets new standards in terms of t،roughness, efficiency, ease of cleaning and cost-effectiveness. Especially in project construction, toilets must not only meet the highest performance and hygiene criteria, but also be economical and affordable. However, vortex flushes have so far only been available in the upper price segment. With TwistFlush[e³], the company makes this innovative technology available for the first time in the ،nd’s accessible price range. For clients and property operators, the ،uct innovation pays off in three ways: As indicated by its additional designation – e³ stands for evolutionary, economic, and efficient – it offers high-quality toilet flu،ng at an affordable price, delivers excellent flu،ng results with significantly lower water consumption and noticeably reduces cleaning effort.