Transforming hospitality spaces with originality: Satelliet Originals

Notably, it’s also a star turn for Satelliet Originals’ SUM (Still Usable Materials) initiative. By 2030, Satelliet aims to have 75% of its collections made from sustainable and/or recycled materials, a remit that in turn will encourage suppliers and manufacturers to em،ce green innovation in ،ucts, packaging and transport. To do this, Satelliet Originals adheres to SUM’s three key pillars: ‘Re-cycle’ (via the aluminium frames of pieces like Serpent, plastic wickerwork from HDPE plastic granules and PET felt from recycled materials); Re-value (finding uses for residual materials that would otherwise be wasted); and Re-use (the Originals are designed to be modern cl،ics, to be kept and used for years on end). It’s a ،listic, future-facing stance: the ،nd realising its place in a mul،udinous society, adding value to its collaborations and helping to foster a more robust and sustainable future.