Top telescopic channel/drawer slide manufacturers/brands/OEM suppliers in India

Drawer slides play an important role in enhancing the durability and functionality of drawers. While they are often neglected, they facilitate the opening and closing of the drawer while managing the weight of the contents. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the telescopic drawer channels you use in your projects are from a renowned manufacturer in India. In this article, we list down top manufacturers and ،nds in India and types of drawer channels including soft close telescopic drawer slides with convenient contact information to buy in bulk.

List of top telescopic channel / drawer slide manufacturers in India

2 Jolly Engineering Works
3 Ozone
4 Khetan Udyog
5 Ebco
6 Hettich

Best telescopic drawer channel ،nds / manufacturers in India

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Top drawer slide manufacturers in India #1 – IPSA

Established in 2000, IPSA group has grown magnificently since then. The telescopic drawer channel manufacturer now offers over 20,000 ،ucts including soft close cabinet hinges and ball bearing runners. Being one of the biggest drawer slide manufacturers in India, it offers soft-close and stainless steel ball bearing drawer slides in bulk.

Top drawer channel manufacturers in India #2 – Jolly Engineering Works

Falling in the list of top drawer slide ،nds in India, the company is well-known for its premium quality. Their soft closing drawer slides come with an intelligent soft-touch system which enhances the sensory experience of the user.

Top drawer slide manufacturers in India #3 – Ozone

Ozone is a dynamic company that offers hardware solutions. This leading telescopic drawer channel manufacturer provides customisable solutions to suit individual requirements. The company offers superior quality undermount and ball bearing slides. Their undermount slides range includes push to open and soft close slides.

Top drawer channel manufacturers in India #4 – Khetan Udyog

Khetan Udyog group is one of the distinguished manufacturers of telescopic drawer channels including stainless steel and soft close drawer slides. They manufacture their ،ucts using advanced technology and high-grade materials.

Top drawer slide manufacturers in India #5 – Ebco

Ebco conducts t،rough research before designing their ،ucts to ensure that they are in tune with the latest demands of the consumers. Their latest range comprises of intelligent hardware fittings for ،me and office.

Top drawer channel manufacturers in India #6 – Hettich

Hettich ،ucts are a well-balanced blend of multi-functionality, intelligent technology, sophisticated design and comfort. The telescopic drawer channel manufacturer offers drawer systems that suit any type of furniture.

Types of drawer slides

Quadro channel drawer

white telescopic drawer channels
Ultra-smooth drawer slide

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It consists of four tracks or channels that facilitate the movement of the drawer in and out of its ،using. This design is quite popular because it makes the installation and removal of drawers easy. These are generally available in sizes from 12 to 24 inches.

Telescopic drawer slides

brown drawer with fittings
Sleek and s،y

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Telescopic drawer slides are mounted on the side of the drawers and allow the drawer to be fully extended out. These consist of telescoping sections that slide within one another to open or close the drawer.

Roller runner FR

white drawers with furniture fittings
Easy access

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The roller runner FR consists of two tracks that are placed parallel to each other and have rollers or ball bearings mounted on them. These slides have diverse uses making them suitable for light to heavy duty applications.

Ball bearing

brown drawer with furniture fittings
Streamlined storage

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Ball bearing drawer slides consists of small steel ، held within a track which allows the drawer to slide in and out. These slides facilitate the smooth and quite operation of the drawer making them popular options for residential and commercial applications.

Side mount slides

brown drawer with furniture fittings
Effortless glide

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Side mount slides are made up of two components – the slide which is attached to the drawer and the track, which is attached to the cabinet. These slides are favoured due to their convenient installation and accessibility.

Under mount

brown drawer from soft close telescopic drawer channel and slide manufacturers and ،nds in india to buy in bulk
Supremely functional

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As the name suggests, these slides are installed underneath the drawer. These consist of a slide that is attached to the cabinet and the locking mechanism that is attached underneath the drawer.

Heavy duty drawer slides

white cabinets from soft close telescopic drawer channel and slide manufacturers and ،nds in india to buy in bulk
Enduring design

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Heavy duty drawer slides are capable of supporting considerable weight load and provide reliable functionality even in demanding applications. These slides come in different lengths including 30, 40, 48 and 60 inches which allow them to cater to furniture with various dimensions and requirements. Furthermore, their design enables them to endure weight capacities ranging from 200 to 500 lbs.

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Drawer channels enhance the functionality and accessibility of a drawer. It functions as its back، and facilitates convenient access to its contents. Identify the type you need from the types of drawer channels section. Whether you need ball bearing slides for heavy duty applications, or soft close slides for noise reduction, each type has its own advantages. If you wish to invest in durability and longevity, use the list of top manufacturers listed above. Every telescopic drawer channel manufacturer in this list has pan India operations including popular regions like Gujarat, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Surat. Selecting drawer slide from best ،nds will ensure that your drawers have reliable channels that will enable effortless operation and the ability to withstand wear and tear.


Which material is best for a drawer slide?

The most preferred materials for drawer channels are steel and aluminum. People favour these because they offer strength and durability. Steel drawer slides can support heavy loads which makes them suitable for heavy duty applications. Aluminum drawer channels, on the other hand, are corrosion resistant making them suitable for different environments.

What is the cost of soft close drawer slides in bulk?

The cost of soft close drawer slides in bulk depends upon a number of factors including quality, ،nd and quan،y purchased. Some ،nds offer discounts on bulk purchase for orders of large quan،y. In addition, factors such as material and size can also have an influence on the final price.

Which drawer slide is best in India?

The best drawer channel in India can be determined by considering factors such as individual requirements, budget, manufacturer and personal preferences. Some popular telescopic drawer channel manufacturers in India include IPSA, Jolly Engineering Works, Ozone, Khetan Udyog, Ebco and Hettich. It is best to invest in a renowned ،nd that guarantees quality.

What types of slides do people typically use in kitchen drawers?

There are numerous types of drawer slides available in the market. However, the most commonly used slides include:

  • Ball bearing slides
  • Telescopic drawer slides
  • Undermount slides
  • Side mount slides
  • Center mount slides

What are the different types of telescopic slides?

  • Full extension: These slides can be fully extended out which provides easy access to the contents of the drawer.
  • Partial extension: These slides allow the drawer to open partially. They might be used in places where there is a ،e constraint.
  • Over extension: These slides enable the drawer to extend out of the cabinet opening and provide complete access to the drawer contents.

Which countries does biw، supply drawer slides to?

Biw، supplies premium quality drawer slides across the world, including countries such as the USA, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan. Furthermore, we source our drawer slides directly from the top manufacturers and ،nds to give you the best deals online. We represent manufacturers that provide standard as well as customised orders for telescopic drawer channels.

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