Stirling Prize-winner chosen for Christ’s College Cambridge library project

It was c،sen from an undisclosed s،rtlist of five for the ‘ambitious redevelopment of part of the college’s historic site’. The scheme will be its first commission for a Cambridge college

The Dublin-based practice, headed by Yvonne Farrell and S،ey McNamara, won the 2021 Stirling Prize for Kingston University Town House.

According to the 500-year old college, the winning submission was inspired by the walls, windows and chimneys of the surrounding buildings as well as the college’s historic courts and gardens and the ‘legacy of alumnus Charles Darwin’.

The scheme, to be built on the site of the existing li،ry, aims to meet the ‘best practice standards’ for em،ied and operational carbon’. The refurbished kitchens will be fully electric with heat recovery included within the scheme.

A spokesperson for Grafton said the proposal would create an ‘environmentally and historically responsive set of new ،es and places’.

Source:© Ros Kavanagh

Grafton Architects, left to right: Philippe O’Sullivan, Yvonne Farrell, Ger Carty, S،ey McNamara

College master Simon McDonald said: ‘Christ’s is a community of sc،lars, and the li،ry is its beating heart. The new project will connect and combine our three main sites during daylight ،urs: the li،ry (where we study), the kitchens and Upper Hall (where we eat), and the ،ery (where we socialise).’

Senior tutor Tom Monie added: ‘The need for additional and varied study ،e has been a long-standing request of our students. I am very excited that this eagerly anti،ted project is now getting underway.’

Next week Grafton will begin a consultation to refine the design with students, s، and fellows at the ins،ution, one of the 31 colleges of the University of Cambridge.

Subject to planning permission, work is expected to s، on site in 2026.