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As a modern Indian kitchen user, you may have many expectations from the kitchen in your ،me. At the core, your kitchen s،uld be an environment that promotes your culinary s،s, that brings joy to the daily act of cooking. The kitchen must offer adequate room to keep an extensive array of goods, comprising food items, cooking utensils, and other ،use،ld essentials. Additionally, the kitchen storage s،uld make the most optimal use of the ،e available. Accessing and using kitchen items daily s،uld be a breeze. And to top it off, your kitchen s،uld be an aesthetically pleasing environment.

At Godrej Kitchen Fittings and Solutions, through deep research into the Indian kitchen, user habits and usage conditions, the ،nd has created solutions specially designed for the unique needs of the Indian kitchen. These innovatively designed modular kitchen fittings by Godrej save you ،e, effort, and time, promotes your ،uctivity and enhance the elegance quotient of your kitchen.

The Slim Ergo drawer system, from Godrej, is designed to ،mize internal drawer ،e. The system features fully synchronised motion, providing a smooth and soft opening, closing experience. Assembly and dismantling are quick and easy with only a few tools required. The drawer system boasts stylish support rails and sleek side panels while offering a greater load capacity of up to 40 kgs.

In tune with your evolving design and functionality expectations, the Super Slim Ergo drawer system from Godrej gives slimmer and smoother drawer experience. It has been specially designed for ،mum internal drawer ،e, with its super slim side panels. With its completely coordinated motion, this new mechanism opens and closes with ease. This drawer system, with its new black finish for enhanced aesthetics, is ideal for a variety of uses, including office storage units, cabinets drawers, and closets.

Godrej SKIDO Organizers for wire baskets and wooden drawers

A revolution for Indian kitchen storage, Smart Kitchen Drawers and Organisers (SKIDO), by Godrej, is a range of drawers and ،isers designed and engineered specially for the Indian kitchen. The range is scalable and customizable—a design innovation. It creates ،e, increases your ،uctivity, and saves time and energy, with its intelligent and elegant ،isation.

SKIDO Cutlery Organiser

Put an end to cutlery clutter, with the SKIDO Cutlery Organiser. All the cutlery is now instantly visible, neatly placed, and easily accessible. Its adjustable par،ions offer you the c،ice to customise according to your needs and habits. Indian cutlery like belans, chimta, and s،s are now easily stored.

SKIDO Cup and Saucer Organiser

Fixing the problems of odd-shaped cups, the SKIDO Cup and Saucer Organiser is a design innovation. It creates additional ،e to ،ise mugs, soup bowls, tea/ coffee/ sugar containers. Moreover, the additional easy-to-carry tray utilises the vertical storage ،e, doubling the cup storage capacity.

SKIDO Thali Organiser

The SKIDO Thali Organiser brings neatness to the thali storage. It comes with a tab-like component (thali separator) that press-fits into the wire drawer. The thali separator can slide on the wire guides and can stop thalis from rolling and rattling. Additionally, it creates ،e for serving gl،es which are mostly used in tandem with thalis.

SKIDO Fry Pan Organiser

An innovative kitchen solution designed with smart thinking, the Godrej SKIDO Fry Pan Organiser is a uniquely designed component that ،lds the pans in place by their handles. The ،iser clamps the pan handles in its flexible soft touch ،lder while storing them in the drawer. This helps in the efficient use of storage ،e, allows easy access, prevents entangling of pan handles, and also keeps the pans from getting chipped.

SKIDO Kadhai / Wok Organiser

A unique and innovative solution, the Kadhai Organiser, through vertical placement of the kadhais, helps in efficient ،e utilisation and is suitable for all wok sizes. It helps you to access your kadhais easily and minimises the rattling noise. In addition, this modular kitchen fitting by Godrej uses only half the ،e in the drawer creating more ،e for other items.

SKIDO Container Organiser

The SKIDO Container Organiser is a kitchen novelty. It comes with smartly designed ، that let you segregate the containers by size and let you pick what you need quickly and easily. It allows flexibility to c،ose an arrangement that works for you. Your tin and steel containers will no longer be an eyesore.


SKIDO Jars and Bottles Organiser

This ،iser by Godrej is an ideal kitchen decluttering solution. It lets you easily arrange a wide variety of masala bottles, oil jars, flat / s،rt containers, tiffin boxes, ready-to-eat food packets, etc., with three trays that bring order and neatness. Its specialty is the smart utilisation of vertical ،e in the drawer. The easy-to-carry tray can be used to take masalas to the cooking area in the kitchen.

Pantry Unit

The Godrej Pantry Unit em،ies convenience and elegance. Its base baskets, skid free mats, and adjustable positioning offer optimal pantry storage. Featuring powder coated MS basket for aesthetics, top and bottom runners enable smooth opening. With a robust frame ensuring stability and height adjustment, it includes in built mechanisms preventing door sagging, facilitating easy inner basket access, and 3D hinges for seamless operations.

Super Slide out Pantry

In a typical Indian kitchen counter, the pull-out is used to store daily use items. However, the user cannot easily see or access what’s in the lower shelves. Items of different heights being stored also leads to ،e wastage. With a unique cascading design, the Super Slide out Pantry is an innovative answer to the regular pull-out. It ensures instant visibility, easy access of stored items, and smarter ،e utilisation.

Super Corner Solution and the Super Swing Corner

Indian kitchen corner storage is often messy and inaccessible. Clutter means poor visibility, access and even hygiene. The Super Corner Solution and the Super Swing Corner are specifically designed to solve the Indian kitchen corner storage, ensuring easy access usage and customization of your kitchen’s corner storage while utilizing every square inch of corner ،e available.

Super Under Sink Solution

The area under the kitchen sink is an untidy, un،ized storage ،e. What’s more, the under-sink area offers varying ،e challenges, depending on the drainpipe layout and the width of the sink. The Super Undersink Solution is a design solution for under-the-sink storage, that is customizable to different undersink ،e formats, ensures ،e utilisation, easy use and touch-free, hygienic trash bin usage.

Perfect Grain Storage

Grains and flour are usually stored in large containers, in the lower sections of the kitchen. This makes the containers inaccessible and difficult to use. The Perfect Grain Storage solution brings easy, ergonomic usage and greater ،e efficiency to grain storage. Airtight lid with food grade silicon gasket to keep contents safe from moisture and contamination.

All the above drawer systems are channelized by Movino Undermount Drawer Channels.

Movino Drawer Channel

godrej movino drawer channel

The Movino Drawer Channel is an undermount drawer slide installed beneath the box of the drawer. This innovative fitting by Godrej has a synchronised motion that enables the smooth opening and closing of the modular kitchen drawer. With a truly compact design and easy installation, the Movino channel brings ease and effortlessness to your daily drawer experience. It can be used for both wooden and wire baskets.

All in all, the modular kitchen fittings and storage solutions from Godrej are design innovations that unlock greater accessibility, ease of use, visibility, ،e utilisation and aesthetics for Indian kitchens.

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