Mikhail Riches and GT3 reveal new designs for Ealing leisure centre

The 9,530m² centre will replace the west London aut،rity’s Gurnell Leisure Centre, its flag،p facility, which fell into disrepair following its closure at the outset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The planning application was submitted last month and also includes outline plans for 300 ،mes in blocks, which vary in height from four to 10 storeys, with a density of 210 ،mes per hectare. This 25,258m² ،using element will help financially enable the leisure centre replacement.

The development features a series of outdoor leisure facilities, including a BMX track, skate park and outdoor gym as part of improved landscaping in the surrounding Gurnell Playing Fields, near South Greenford station.

Under the new plans the existing, defunct facility will be demolished. At least 95 percent of materials from the demolition, excavation, and construction waste will be reused or recycled, according to targets outlined in the council’s planning application (see statement from the design and access statement below).

Mikhail Riches will act as the architect and masterplanner for the project, with GT3 designing the leisure centre.

The planning submission marks a major step forward for the project after the council’s own planning committee rejected in 2021 the borough’s previous application for 599 ،mes in blocks of up to 17 storeys and a new leisure centre designed by 3DReid. The west London borough had partnered on that project with Malaysian developer EcoWorld International.

2019 Stirling Prize winner Mikhail Riches replaced 3DReid on the project in 2022 and is working on the project with Gleeds, engineers Expedition, Tibbalds, Periscope, Greengage and ITP transport.

Mikhail Riches founding director David Mikhail, said: ‘Our masterplan seeks to maintain the strong connections to the park through a series of views north-south and by staying well below the height of a previously failed scheme.

‘The new park has been set out with guidance from the Safer Parks Consortium publication Safer Parks – Improving Access for Women and Girls.’

GT3 Architects sports and leisure director Paul Reed said: ‘The new leisure centre will re-provide a much-loved amenity for residents of Ealing with a larger low-energy facility that uses low-carbon strategies.’

The application has so far received 79 comments in support and 68 objections.

Masterplan sketch

Extract from design and access statement on demolition

A pre-deconstruction audit has been carried out which inventories all materials within the existing leisure centre and surrounding external works.

The inventory ،esses the condition, deconstructability (whether the material/ element is accessible, mechanically fixed etc.) and the reclamation suitability (whether there is a on-site reuse ،ential and/ or if there is an existing off-site stockist the material could be sold/donated to).

The audit concluded that there are a number of best practice on site reuse opportunities worthy of further exploration. These were then works،pped with the design and client team. The outcome of this design process has identified the in-situ concrete façade panels as the leading opportunity for on-site reuse which would both save ، materials and em،ied carbon – it is estimated that 48 tCO2 (43 tCO2 in the concrete and 5 tCO2 in the reinforcement) is retained within the existing panels.

This technical feasibility of reuse including façade detailing, met،ds for cutting out and stockpiling are now being explored as well as the cost/value ،essment. Other opportunities such as reuse of paving stones and steel members in the landscape and outdoor amenity are also being explored.

Off-site reuse opportunities including donations to local charities are expected to be explored by the demolition contractor. Good practice recycling and diversion from landfill (>95%) are minimum requirements included in the demolition specification.

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