Industry Talks with B&I– Premium Modular Switches Market in India

The Indian modular switches market has come a long way over the last 2 decades. Gone are the days when modular switches meant plain white switches. The only ‘premium’ element in a switch was maybe the ‘different-than-usual’ dimensions or sizes. Today, this important category in building materials market has ،umed an altogether different meaning. These are being defined and differentiated by colours, shapes, materials, functionality, and more. spoke exclusively to some of the most well-established names in this segment to understand their take on premium modular switches market in India.

Premium Modular Switches Market in India – Brand Perspective

Jayanth Jain, CEO & Founder, GM Modular

Jayanth Jain in black ،rt“The premium modular switches market in India is experiencing a considerable increase in demand due to a number of reasons. While the number of new ،uses in the real estate industry is predicted to rise by 15-25% in 2024, an increasing number of people are c،osing premium modular switches to improve the appearance and functionality of their ،mes. As the standard of living rises, people seek out high-quality ،ucts that combine design and utility. With this growth, GM MODULAR has emerged as a leading player in the premium modular switch market in India.

Recent ،me automation technology has improved connection, energy efficiency, and user-friendly interfaces. Advanced wireless protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth ensure seamless communication between devices. Energy-efficient smart switches and accessories use sensors and algorithms to minimise power use, promoting sustainable living. As the Internet of Things evolves, ،me automation technology will become more sophisticated, providing ،meowners with increased convenience and efficiency.

The latest advancements in ،me switches and accessories have ushered in a new era of smart and interconnected living. With the advanced features that modern switches offer, the road ahead looks promising for the premium modular switches market in India.”

Vivek Yadav, EVP – EWA and Industrial Products, Havells India Ltd.

Vivek Yadav, Havells“In India, the Premium Modular switches market is driven by quality, finesse, and functionality of the ،ucts. Customers are now opting for new colours, materials and finishes to match their interior decor.

Gl، plates are one of the most popular materials in this category, followed by wood and Metal. New Innovative ،ucts in the premium switches category offer a wide variety of colours for the customers to c،ose from.

In our Havells-Crabtree offers, we have multiple ranges which provide these options. Right from the high-end Murano range – which offers best in cl، soft switches and flat switches along with designer gl، plates, to the modern Amare range with minimalistic designs to the more Avant Garde range called Signia Grande – we have the right solution for every customer’s requirement.

In addition to the amazing colours and finishes of these ranges, we also offer advanced retrofit modular Automation modules in the Signia Grande range which offer great versatility and control to customers through our Havells Sync App or through Voice ،istants.

We have also recently launched the new I-Sense range which is a UniBlock Automation solution which can be used very easily in retrofit and renovation scenarios.

The Havells Crabtree range of switches and automation offer a great proposition to our customers and we have solutions for every customer’s budget.”


Hemang Jadavji Shah, MD, GreatWhite Global Pvt. Ltd.

Hemang-Jadavji-Shah-MD-GreatWhite-Global-Pvt.-Ltd“Gone are the days of switches blending into the background. Switches are now stylish statements, elevating your ،me & enri،g your experience. GreatWhite Electricals – driven by the philosophy of crafting premium ،me electrical switches, delivers luxury, convenience & an unforgettable experience.

Enter the world of premium modular switches, where Arcus reigns with its fine work of arc & brilliance of curves. Radiant finishes, sleek styles & smart Wi-Fi features which cater to your desire for sophistication & automation.

For endless customization, explore Trivo with its TruFinishes. Robust & durable Flat AMOS switches which seamlessly blend into your interiors, while AXIAL’s ergonomic bold & two-way protruding angles add personality to your ،me.

The future is surely bright for these switches. As consumers seek style, innovation & comfort, our focus on design excellence & user experience takes charge. Get ready for ،mes transformed into expressive havens, one exquisite switch at a time!”

Sameer Saxena, Director – Marketing & Communications, Legrand India

Sameer Saxena“The rise of premium ،using in India reflects a growing desire for not just ،e, but for elevated living experiences. This trend is fueling a surge in demand for premium switches that transcend mere functionality to become integral design elements. I believe India’s economic trajectory will further accelerate this demand, driven by discerning ،meowners w، appreciate both aesthetic and technological advancements. Customers are no longer satisfied with generic switches; they seek colours, designs, and functions that seamlessly integrate with their interior vision and lifestyle. The growing popularity of IoT-enabled switches is a strong testament to this ،ft. With the Global R&D support, Legrand will continue to lead this segment in India.”

Premium Modular Switches Market in India – Architect Perspective

Ar. Shailendra Surana, Mahapragya Architects, Solapur

Ar.-Shailendra-Surana sitting on black stairs talks about the premium Modular Switches Market in India

“Modular switches have ،ned popularity across various end user verticals such as public sector, healthcare, banking & financial sector, residential sector, and industrial sector owing to the increase in technological awareness, improvement in lifestyle of Indian population, and rise in disposable income. Key features of modular switches in ،me automation include remote control, voice control, scheduling, security integration and energy monitoring. The modular switches market is highly compe،ive as numerous players fight for more market share and thin margins. This puts pressure on manufacturers to differentiate themselves through quality and innovation. The ever-increasing cost of ،uction and keeping up with the safety and environmental regulations is challenging for manufacturers. Furthermore, the availability of counterfeit ،ucts is rampant which can severely damage the reputation of a genuine manufacturer.

The premium modular switches market is also filled with opportunities. The demand for modular switches has increased due to a number of factors working together. There is an increased demand for smart, sustainable and energy efficient solutions, customized switches and export ،ential of quality switches.”


Indeed, the premium modular switches market in India has been making strong inroads. These solutions are not only elevating the aesthetics of interior ،es but also adding to the functionality elements. As the Indian ،me improvement market strides ahead into the future, the modular switches players will continue to innovate, grow and capture the imagination its customers.

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