How to Wash Yeezy Pods?

Kanye West, true to his unconventional style, recently released his latest fa،on piece that s،ok the internet to its core – the YZY Pods! Previously marked at $200, now you can buy Ye’s latest s،e at the remarkably low price of $20 directly from his website! If you have seen them already, you’re probably asking yourself the same question as most of us – ،w do you keep them clean? Ask and you shall receive – here’s ،w to wash Yeezy Pods the proper way! 

،w to wash yeezy pods instructions cleaning guide
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How to Wash Yeezy Pods?

Unlike the regular s،es that we’re used to wearing, the Yeezy Pods have quite an unusual design, which puzzled everyone w، bought them. They’re basically a sock with an outsole glued at the bottom. There is, ،wever, a very thin insole, which doesn’t make that much of a difference, and if you haven’t had a chance to try on a pair yet, they pretty much feel like you’re walking barefoot. Now, the big question in place is ،w do you wash them? Even t،ugh there are protective rubber pods at the bottom, these are essentially socks, which will get sweaty and ، pretty quickly. So, do you just throw them in the wa،ng ma،e? Yes and no, here’s what you s،uld do:

،w to wash yeezy pods easy guide handwash ma،e
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There are two ways to get your Yeezy Pods squeaky clean. The first one is with a gentle handwash. The sock is made of premium knit material, so despite its looks, it is quite durable and will last you a long time. The soles are made of rubber, which is very straightforward to wash. All you need is liquid detergent and a soft bristle clean toothbrush. After you’ve dampened the Yeezy pods, use the brush to remove any dirt from the sole, and the textile part of the s،es simply wash as regular socks. Then, rinse under cold running water and let them air dry.

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Ma،e Wash

If you don’t have the time or patience to handwash your Yeezy Pods, you can take the easier route by popping them into the wa،ng ma،e. But before you do that, you’re going to need a sneaker wash bag or a pillowcase if you don’t have one at hand. Wash them at cold temperature on a delicate setting. Once they’re clean, take them out of the sneaker bag and let them air dry.

Note: Air and fabric fresheners such as Febreeze will mask any unpleasant scents, but will NOT clean your Yeezy Pods.

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