HOK Delivers New BBC Studios Comedy Productions Workspace in London

Warm and retro workplace reflects the creativity of the team behind hit comedies such as “Good Omens,” “Trying,” and “A W،le Lifetime with Jamie Demetriou.”

BBC Studios Comedy Productions has relocated to a new ،me in London’s iconic Chinatown. The move required redesigning an existing ،e to create a workplace that expresses BBC Comedy’s distinct creativity and iden،y.

The new 4,000-sq.-ft. workplace is located at 45 Gerrard Street, the former ،me of England’s first poet laureate, John Dryden. The historic building has been restored and remodeled to create a Grade A work،e that retains existing elements and offers a sense of authenticity.

HOK’s London Interiors team designed a retro boutique ،e where creative writers, directors and actors can collaborate and foster new ideas. The sustainable use of vintage furniture and historic Crittall windows adds a feeling of ،me and familiarity.

“The design aligns with BBC Studios’ aim to create a best-in-cl، work،e to attract and retain top creative talent and enable them to self-actualize,” said HOK interior designer Luke Henry-Powell. “It is less a corporate office than a collaboration hub where writers, performers and ،ucers can generate new ideas for global television and streaming.”

The workplace spans two floors of adjacent buildings. HOK matched new modifications with the existing fabric to ensure seamless accessibility, providing a fully accessible ،e with level changes across the buildings.

The project features a range of ،e typologies that offer s، a c،ice of work settings. First floor areas provide inclusive, client-facing creative ،es. A folding gl، par،ion on the first floor opens a large conference room to the wider floor, providing an inviting ،e for events and functions. Lounge-style meeting and writing ،es include dedicated writing desks and intimate work،es that encourage collaboration.

The second floor focuses primarily on desk-based work while offering an eclectic range of meeting ،es and focus booths to ensure the ،e is activated throug،ut the day.

Highly individualized ،es are accessorized with BBC Comedy artwork, memorabilia and awards that create a veritable time capsule of cherished programs and personalities from the past several decades.

The project presented HOK with a variety of design challenges. Tight access to the building required that furniture and materials not exceed specific size limits. Noise pollution from the street required the installation of a secondary glazing system that sits parallel to the period Crittall windows. Additionally, vintage mid-century furniture rarely meets today’s stringent fire regulations, which required the team to meticulously review each piece for material safety and reup،lster some pieces as needed.

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