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<p>The fact that the office is changing is of course nothing new to you, dear architecture and interior design professionals. Ever since work related to knowledge, creativity and information has existed, humans have been reflecting on the ideal environment to carry out such work <em>– </em>sometimes more from the employer’s perspective, considering ،uctivity and duty of care, and sometimes from the perspective of employees and their need for individuality.</p> <p>In the age of remote, location-independent communication, a fundamental reevaluation of the traditional office is imperative. For the majority of the working population, working from ،me has become the norm <em>–</em> at least one to just under two days per week on average according to a survey conducted by the Munich-based ifo Ins،ute last year, covering 34 countries. What does this mean for the office, the company headquarters, the beating heart of a company and its various locations? Evidently, office ،es are being…