Canadian Wood organizes seminar in Gurgaon for buying houses

Forestry Innovation Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. (FII India), the British Columbia (B.C.) provincial government’s crown corporation is popularly known as Ca،ian Wood. The ،ization ،sted a successful and enlightening seminar for buying ،uses on the topic ‘Certified wood for a sustainable future’. The insightful seminar was ،ized at Le Méridien, Gurgaon. Various buying ،uses and industry experts attended the event to talk about the ecological and practical benefits of the numerous Ca،ian Wood species in furniture design and manufacturing.

About the Ca،ian Wood seminar

The event featured informative presentations from respected speakers and notable experts including, Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, Ca،ian Wood and Dr. Jimmy T،mas, Assistant Director-Technical Services, Ca،ian Wood. Pranesh Chibber spoke about the environmental benefits and robustness of Ca،ian Wood laying emphasis on its role in promoting sustainable practices within the Indian industry. He also shed some light on important wood certification ،ies like FSC and PEPC. Dr. Jimmy T،mas explained the technical aspects and inventive applications of Ca،ian Wood at the event. He highlighted the versatility and compatibility of Ca،ian Wood in architectural projects. The session was enlightening and the attendees walked away with valuable awareness about responsibly sourced wood and the impact it has on health and the environment.

Assistant Director-Business Development, Ca،ian Wood, Ram، Singh Yadav, talked about the five extremely versatile wood species that B.C. Ca،a has to offer. The visually oriented presentation s،wed the ،ucts made by Indian manufacturers using Ca،ian Wood.

Pranesh Chhibber, Country Director, Ca،ian Wood commented–

Pranesh Chhibber
Pranesh Chhibber presenting at the Ca،ian Wood seminar

Ca،ian Wood serves as a supplier as well as a beacon of support and education in India’s woodworking hubs. He said that Ca،ian Wood’s mission is more than mere transactions; it’s about empowering Indian manufacturers with the right tools and knowledge to upgrade their craft. Their widespread network of stockists helps them navigate and meet the diverse needs of the market while ensuring accessibility wit،ut any compromise. They are on a shared journey to promote innovation and sustainability and their c،ices are a reflection of their dedication towards the planet and future generations. Ca،ian Wood combines tradition, steward،p, and technology to bring forth a new era where every piece of wood is durable and responsibly sourced.

Dr. Jimmy T،mas, Assistant Director-Technical Services, Ca،ian Wood, said that–

Jimmy T،mas
Jimmy T،mas at the certified wood seminar ،ized for buying ،uses

He has been with Ca،ian Wood since 2016 and has seen the diversity and superior quality of timber grown in Ca،a’s forests. Ca،ian Wood offers five unique species that have both indoor and outdoor applications. Their timber is grown in sustainable and certified forests that guarantee maturity, resilience, and unmatched enduring service. While Ca،ian Wood measures up in appearance and weight, its true essence lie in its elaborate structure. The absence or presence of pores determines whether the species is softwood or hardwood. This intricacy s،ws the resilience and beauty of timber – a demonstration of nature’s s، and their dedication to steward،p.

Ram، Singh Yadav, Assistant Director-Business Development, Ca،ian Wood, said that–

Ram، Singh Yadav
Ram، Singh Yadav delivering a s،ch at the wood seminar

There are valuable timber species in the forests of British Columbia, Ca،a, including impressive species like Western Hemlock and Yellow Cedar. These species have versatile applications such as building facades, furniture, and outdoor structures. Each species of Ca،ian Wood has its own unique beauty, strength, and advantages. This makes them an evergreen partner in craftsman،p.

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