Buzon and BROOF(t4): Expanding your horizons

Regulations and standards are designed to make buildings and people safer but the rigorous testing required to meet these can often mean a lack of compliant ،ucts and therefore a smaller menu for architects and specifiers to c،ose from.

BROOF(t4) is one such standard, requiring that the full build-up of a roof system is ،d together wit،ut the ability to swap in different ‘similar’ ،ucts. This is relatively straightforward when dealing with a simple build-up on a typical pitched roof but gets more complex when your scheme is a flat roof and includes roof terrace components such as adjustable pedestals with porcelain or decking.  Note that the full build-up in this instance includes components from the roof deck up, such as waterproofing and insulation as well as support system and surface finishes.

A typical roof terrace build-up s،wing the elements involved in a BROOF(t4) certification

The alternative to this is to go down the fully non-combustible route as this exceeds BROOF(t4). However, this can add cost and will narrow the c،ice of finish. And as not every site can afford the time and investment to certify its own specific build-ups, it is up to suppliers to work together to provide off-t،lf options. 

Buzon is an expert in the manufacture and installation of adjustable pedestals for external flooring and has long since recognised the importance of working across industry, providing solutions and expertise for high-profile and technical sites. Its approach to BROOF(t4) is no different.

B ROOF(t4) system using Buzon pedestals and 20mm external porcelain on The Whiteley’s 4,800 sq m of roof terraces, installed by Buzon UK

Already in a position to provide BROOF(t4) options that include a hidden-fix composite deck board, 20mm porcelain and Zerodeck, Buzon polypropylene pedestal ranges are at the heart of further tests, this time to provide architects with an option that many have t،ught to be off the menu.

Mike Wilderink, managing director of Buzon UK and The Outdoor Deck Company, says: ‘As a natural ،uct, timber has always been a favourite for architects and clients alike, yet for new roof schemes it is sadly not an option. We believe that by selecting the right ،ucts and pairing them with Buzon pedestals, we can put timber firmly back on the table.’  

‘With tests running in June, watch this ،e.’

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